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Further extend your legs to Ibaraki-day B-class Gourmet Travel Example & Mito Plum Festival

To further extend the distance ~ example of a day B class gourmet trip to Ibaraki & Mito Plum Festival

Cycling on spot for a hot spring festival in the Lakes Marina
Some of them have been posted.

Here, I am the other citizens,
I ate a B-class gourmet in Ibaraki, and stopped by a hot spring
Let’s introduce the course which went on a day trip.

The day I went was Saturday, January 14.

Leaving home at nine in the morning,
Arrive at Tsuchiura after 10:30

I stayed here for homework for 30 minutes and left at 11:00.
It will be going out after 12 o’clock on the day of the hot Spring Festival.

Next, a five-minute drive by the famous shop Shikununo
Buy Dorayaki


The Lotus and the curry which are the specialties of Tsuchiura
I bought one each.


Impression, but try to write in the individual article of which,
Taste is more delicious than I thought (^^)
This was surprising…

It’s past 12:30 pm,
Nakaminato arrives at Fish market


The market sushi of the sea station
Saturday is more vacant than Sunday.
The parking lot takes about 10 minutes to wait.
The wait time for the revolving sushi was about 20 minutes.

Anyway, Sushi is a big (^^)
Subdued attacking 10-dish person will also be satiety in six dishes.
The price was twice the chain revolving sushi,
The size is also at least twice.

Nakaminato Fish Market, if you aim for the land fish in Ibaraki,
The amount is not a hanpa, but you can buy fish fairly cheaply.
I’ll have ice, and I’ll bring Styrofoam.
Nakaminato from 2:00pm.

Well, the next to Oarai,
Mentai Park There is a factory and shop of the Fukuoka.


In addition, there is a tasting of the raw mentaiko which cannot be eaten here.
This raw Mentaiko is filled with a lot of onigiri
You buy it for less than 400 yen.
It might be high with Choi for Onigiri,
It is a taste that everyone can understand if I eat.

A little factory tour is also possible here.
Go blah blah a break here, you’ve crushed an hour nearly an hour.

In addition to this, it would be good to stop by Oarai outlets.

If you eat sushi, mentaiko and spicy stuff, you’ll want something sweet.

So, a typical B-class gourmet of Oarai,
Mitsudan eats you.


Although there are few stores that sell
There is no mistake in the shop “Takahashi”.

To the flour-hardened dumpling,
There is a powder on the Mitarashi.
60 yen per bottle and reasonable price.

It’s past 3:30pm to get out of here.

Because it is cold, I want to warm up in a bath in this neighborhood.

This time, near the Ibaraki airport North interchange of small Midama city,
Little Mitama Hot spring Stop by the Kotobuki.


This is a bathing fee of 600 yen. It’s thirty minutes from Oarai.

It’s the same black hot spring as Hokota.
There is a feeling of slick here.
Moreover, this time is very warm, and it is hard to boil.

The hot water use was a little difficult, but the source is a considerable thing.

If you go out here at half past five in the evening,
When I go straight home, I get home at eight.

I arrived at Choi roughly two hours.

A little busy,
May not be helpful,
Without the use of high speed from home,
It was enough for a day.

If you stop by the Hot Spring Festival,
It would be nice to have an hour plus after Tsuchiura.
You can enjoy a fairly varied journey.

Well, the Hot spring Festival date
Kairakuen Open in Paradise
Mito Plum Festival
The first day of the


The parking lot is 500 yen.
It might be hard to park in the traffic jam on the first day (–;)
The room was very clean and the bed was very clean.

During the plum Festival period, the accommodation is a little higher,
Still from the capital of other prefectures, such as Utsunomiya
Very cheap.

Kairakuen in paradise, plum soft or


I’ve covered this blog before.
The Inome bento is good…


It also appeared in the Yellow gate sama!!


If you like ramen,
The recipe of the yellow Gate was made in the likeness.
“Mito Clan Ramen” and
The MOTU system of the chicken lever etc. was entered.
Ibaraki Specialty “Stamina Ramen”
The aim is also Ali.

If you’re traveling one night, you’re greedy.
Home → Tsuchiura Hina Matsuri (+ late morning meal) → Hot Spring Festival → Oarai or nakaminato (early dinner) → Hotels in Mito
Mito hotels → Ume Matsuri → Makabe Hina Matsuri → Home
Such as, it would be possible even a little unreasonable process…

The hot springs are missing in the process.
About cycling on Onsen, I’ll put it all together tomorrow,
Please try to incorporate it into the process well.

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