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How about a small mackerel of 39 animals 100 yen If it is a sabada ♪ mackerel? ~ @ Ibaraki/Nakaminato

How about a small mackerel of 39 animals 100 yen If it is a sabada ♪ mackerel? ~ @ Ibaraki/Nakaminato

The other day, the return of Ibaraki B-class gourmet story development,
I come to the Nakaminato fish market as usual in search of fishes.

I found a mackerel that was thrown on a plate for 100 yen.

In size, roughly between sardines and horse mackerel…

For a fish that can’t eat raw
Look round, but

Of the freshness of the impossible place
The mackerel is sparkling,
You obviously invited us.

When the mackerel and the Red Wings are staring at the Saba,

The shop’s whoa-chan is getting closer,

“It’s a Sasuria, Ryuda deep fried!!
If it is left, it will be grated into three pieces and the freezer is good.
I’m going to put a little bonus on it.

It frequently recommends.

Okay? And
I decided to buy it.

The shop’s whoa-chan
Not only put the mackerel in a bag

I put it in the ^^.
And take out another mackerel from inside the styrene
Even this!! … And just start to shove.

Are you amused to see our eyes round?
The bonus was not the amount of a humpa;)

If I were 15, the mackerel
The amount of the gills and the Ella!!

Even nakaminato where the fish are cheap,
It is a service that is usually impossible.
Very troublesome to dispose of??

I got the ice.
After three hours to go home,
Why don’t you open the bag at home?


That number, what,
39 (̄ ̄;))

Overwhelmed by that number
I’m in a state of panic/
Yoshida Miwa sings, the Dvadada of Nescafé is crossed in my head.

♪ The Mackerel ~ ~ AH ~ ~ ~ ~
Oh, mackerel.
♪ Saba ~ ~ ~ AH ~ ~ ~ ~
It’s a mackerel.
♪ Mackerel!
♪ Mackerel!
♪ Oh wow!! ~ ~ ~((((((((((

And the melody of the gold Blend
Hummed by could not help (̄ ̄;)

Because I can’t use it very much,
I’d give my mother to about ten dogs.

“Such a sharp mackerel, no!!”
“This is the too good I have to do.”
It said, and it started the preparation immediately.
It seems like a lot of freshness…

Then we are…

But it is not easy to judge this number of mackerel.
Anyway, I feel Costco.

The remaining 29 animals are divided into different sizes for the time being.

Eight relatively large, immediately grated three,
I’ll turn it into a mackerel.


Wash the water well and wipe it
Sprinkle salt on both sides and place for two hours.

Because there is a lot of smell moisture,
Rinse it with water and wipe off more moisture.

Add vinegar tablespoons 3, hon mirin tablespoons 1, sugar teaspoon 1
After 20 hours, the completion of the Simeon

Because the head and the built-in cannot be used, it throws away
Too good bones, so to the fried chicken.

And some are fried and then soaked nanban.

Red Wings
Head and built-in peeping,
It was boiled with miso in a pressure cooker.

The biggest four are lightly sprinkled with salt and grilled mackerel the next day.

Ten smaller animals
Three sheets grated and frozen!!
This will be a time to fry Ryuda later.

And the rest of the sashimi of the Canagsila
I made a pot of ara juice,

The rest of the day,
The dumpling made with the mackerel is put, and it crowned with juice again.

Anyway, this day’s dinner is here


For sashimi of the half of the Canagsila and
Enjoyed the next day.

Nanban soaked mackerel bone and mackerel in miso sauce
3 Days of Fun (^^)

This Cospa 、、、 to surprise even the Euler of the poor man
It’s just the best!!

1 snapper, 2 Canagsila, 39 small mackerel
600 yen

Because it is the thing that both were landed early in the morning of the day,
For sea bream and Kanagsila, three days are can eat with sashimi.

ARA Juice steak with daily (^^)
These three days were a moment of bliss.

When it is profitable, I take it, but
It is a been wane to sell when it is not.
Ibaraki Hurrah (^-^)/

You can’t imitate Chiba.

This kind of thing is nakaminato.
If you want to revived the city with fish,
Once in a while, you have to do something stupid…

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