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Ibaraki B-Class Journey, introductory Chapter III.

Ibaraki B-Class Journey, introductory Chapter III.

Oarai and oh, in my,
Seafood and Oarai outlets,
It is an aquarium and a hot spring.

This time, I went for the purpose of Nakaminato mein,
A state-of-the-art store made in Oarai
The Oyster Hut
I was taught by an acquaintance of Abragenie.
I decided to stop by.

Was up to the topic,
The small size seafood rice bowl is cheap and delicious,
I don’t like char. (^^;


This is the Oyster shack.

I put a picture of the Rose Rice Bowl (medium) @ 580 yen below.
(※ Medium size is no longer than H29, now only large size 880 yen.) Maybe there is a weekday??)

For POPs,
When you want to eat a lot of other things
I appreciate this size.

What, Oarai,
“Monkfish” or “Dobujiru” of Hamayaki
Because there are a lot of things that I want to eat.

A place where you seldom go
At least raw, baked, boiled, fried
I want to enjoy everything at once…

Let alone come from afar than me
Of the no-sea-province,
If you are a North Kanto and Saitama Citizen,
I think that the desire will be strong even more so (^^)

Because there are few pictures here
Let’s revisit it later and re-report it firmly.


Speaking of Oarai
In the last few years, the city revived in Garapan is Walt

POPs does not know what Garapan is like,
In fact, I decided to see what kind of town revived.


From the station, well ~ WOW!! (° O) No

Especially the tourist information office of the station is exactly garapan color!!
Uncle, embarrassed to enter (* No


If you thoroughly so far, rather pleasant!!
By the way, what is a hero?

In addition, in the city… (^^)


Here and there, it’s garapan.
The rumor was real…

Even if you’re just chasing Garapan,
It’s just a suspicious old chap.

Because it seems to be suspected in the Red Wings
This is a change of mood
I went to the historical Oarai Isomae Shrine.

For the last ten years in Oarai,
Because it has been indebted many times,
I pray that you will serve your gratitude.


The sea view from the Torii is the best.
It seems to be a famous spot of the first day.


The main shrine is also a solemn feeling.


, But that side of the solemn… (∀)


Moe (; ́ д ‘)

Garapan (̄ ̄;)

There seems to be no garapan fortune, indeed,
There was a garapan stamp on the left.


The character of the stamp
It looks like it’s not a visual hero…
I’m sure this is the point of popularity…

(Ms. Glasses can become a supporting role, but not a hero.)

In the Oarai outlet, Garapan Gallery
Seems to be (^^;


By the way, to the big child town far away near the next day
“Garapan Infection” has been (̄ ̄;)


Awesome, Garapan…

Four years here, Garapan.
The economic effect that I gave to Oarai town is a great thing,
In this city, where reconstruction was delayed after the earthquake,
It is sure to have become the light of hope.

Like the state of “Tora-San’s Shibamata” forever
It is hard to think that it is peaceful.

It will be OK until next year
It might be a real game after the boom leaves.

Do your best!! Oarai Town P (^-^) Q

Be a personal matter,
To book a hotel in Mito after this
The place of the purpose is buried 、、、
I decided to take a lodging in Hitachi City.

Was quite full of belly, and
I’m tired, so I don’t go out to town 、、、
So I went shopping and
I have a drink and a bedtime zzzz

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