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JR Japan Southernmost station Nishi-Oyama Station (tour on September 25, 2017)

JR Japan Southernmost station Nishi-Oyama Station (tour on September 25, 2017)

We had an outdoor bath in the morning and checked out the hotel to eat breakfast.

Today, I went to Nishi-Oyama station, the southernmost station Japan JR.
I go to take a picture of Kaimon-dake from there.

Because I wanted to go here before,
It is not an exaggeration to say that I took part in this tour.

I’m looking forward.

We arrived at the station in 15 minutes from Ibusuki Phoenix Hotel.

Address: 602 Yamakawa Oyama, Ibusuki City, Kagoshima
Opened in 1960 (Showa 35)

It was the southernmost station Japan long since its opening.
In conjunction with the opening of the Okinawa City Monorail line in 2003,
I gave the position to Akamine station of the same line.

At that time, the-Hyochu of the southernmost station was renewed to the southernmost station in the mainland,
Okinawa is not the mainland, because the opinion was received,
In 2004, the notation was changed to the southernmost station of JR Japan.

As a railway station in existence, based on the Railway Business Act,
Although it is the southernmost Japan as before, following the monorail in Okinawa prefecture as of 2017,
The possibility of constructing a new line as a normal railroad or is considered,
In 2016, President Aoyagi of JR Kyushu to mention the possibility of abolition between Yamakawa-Makurazaki, etc.,
The future has been attracting attention.

[Godai Natsuko Memorial Tree Monument]

Free parking found on the side.

Osmanthus trees didn’t seem to wither.

Yellow post to deliver happiness

Not a happy yellow handkerchief
It is a yellow post to deliver happiness.

I saw the yellow post for the first time.

The view of the interior is Kaimon-dake.

This mountain is cool.

[Station name]


No entrance ticket is required at the unmanned station. Lol

The commemorative admission ticket is Yamakawa Station and Ibusuki station,
You can buy a certificate of arrival at the direct sales and tourist office in front of the station.

【 Timetable 】

This is too few. (^ ^;

They are basically tailored to the student’s commute to school.

[Fare table]

【 Kaimon-Dake 】

So and so, I wanted to see this scenery.

It was really good that the weather was not raining. (^ ^

[KiHa 40]

It is the train of the arrival at nine two minutes.

The travel agency also grasped the time and took me to Nishi-Oyama station. (^ ^

The train does not come until the next two o’clock at 9:18pm. (^ ^;

【 Kaimon-Dake 】

A beautiful mountain called Satsuma Fuji
It is one of the 100 mountain Japan at an altitude of 924m.

[Kaimon Market Kutaro]

It is a souvenir shop in front of the station.

【 Invitation Stone 】

This is the end of the tour of Nishi-Oyama station.

This year, I got off to Tsushima-Omiya station, which stops only two days a year.
I feel like I climbed a little adult stairs. (^ ^<!–


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