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Kai Zenkoji (22 September, 2015)

Kai Zenkoji (22 September, 2015)

The Zenkoji temple has no edge at all because it is far from home personally.

Even Shinano Zenkoji has no feelings.

Even at the time of this year’s Open book, I was feeling
Since I came to the country of Kai, Zenkoji is still not allowed to go out.

Cathedral splashed out as fond.

Takeda Shrine was also so,
The parking lot was also free. (^ ^

Address: 3-36-1 Zenkoji, Kofu-shi, Yamanashi
Sect: Jodoshu
Principal Image: Zenkoji Buddha
Founded: Eiroku 1st year (1558)
Kaiki: Takeda Shingen
Founder: Mirror Sky Man
Fusati: Kai 108 Sacred Sites


It was founded in Itagaki Township, Yamanashi-gun by Shingen Takeda Kunito.
Founder is a mirror of the sky of Shinano Zenkoji.

Shingen in the Shinano invasion of Echigo Uesugi Kenshin,
The Battle of Kawanakajima that crosses the fifth in the Nanjiao Nagano City, Nagano Prefecture now,
In the Second Battle of the second year of Hiroharu, the war is Shinano Zenkoji
Shingen is said to have transferred principal image to Kai, which is my ryogoku,
Thereafter, the war of the Kawanakajima battle did not extend to the Zenkoji district.

Uesugi Kenshin also worshiped principal image following the Kasugayama Castle of Ryogoku,
Zenkoji, Mr. Kurita also divides the Takeda Way and the Uesugi way.

The first relocation was in Nezu village (now Higashi-shi, Nagano prefecture),
After that, he was transferred to Itagaki Township in the year of Eiroku after the Houjo temple in Japan.

It is related to the origin of Shinano Zenkoji in this neighborhood that this land was chosen to move ahead
It is said that there is a legend about Honda Yoshimitsu,
There is a Zenemitsu mound which is considered to be a tomb of Yoshihikari Honda in the place about 1 km north of Kai Zenkoji still.

In the early modern era, Itagaki-mura was Itagaki village, and the name of the village was in Meiji 8.
In Showa 12, it became the Zenkoji town in Kofu City.

【 Zenkoji Buddha 】

The image is what I picked up on the net.

As for Zenkoji Buddha, it was written that it was interesting in the following HP
If you are interested, please take a look.

“The Mystery of Zenkoji Buddha statue” by Sengoku Warlords


Temple Gate

An important cultural property reconstructed in 1796, 8 years.

It was groan by the power gate which was not ashamed to the name of Zenkoji.

[Spirit Cattle Monument]

[Cough grandmother’s stone]


Stone Buddha


Important Cultural Property.

That’s great.
It was also admired by a splendid building.

Let’s enter the inside of the room immediately.

It is the one picked up in the net because it was a photography prohibition in Kondo.

It was an atmosphere full of profound feeling and dignity.

In addition, two singing dragons are drawn on the ceiling.
When I hit my hand, the resonance occurred and the sound was not conveyed in words.

I was so happy that I knocked bang. (^ ^

[Tcha fructus aurantii Immaturus nun]


In this, it is said that the image of Amida Sanson of a heavy sentence is enshrined in a total of six bodies.

【 Belfry 】


You can enjoy a splendid architecture from here.

[The statue of Honen]


[Basho’s Moon Scenic Mound]


[Red Seal]

[Seal Book]

If it becomes the crest of Takeda Ryo and Aoi, it will be compelled to purchase it. (^ ^

It was 1,200 yen.

The Buddha was not enough, but the cathedral was splendid.

Also, why is this zenkoji receiving a very religious faith?
I felt that it was somehow understood that it tried to visit the shrine.<!–


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