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Kaiyong-ji Temple (April 4, 2015)

Kaiyong-ji Temple (April 4, 2015)

Next to the Undeji temple is the famous Kairyu-ji temple, a national treasure.

To tell the truth, I did not have a foot in this temple.
It becomes the first visit. (^ ^;

Address: 897, Hokke-kita-machi, Nara, Nara
Sect: Shingon Rishu
Principal Image: Ten-sided Kannon Bodhisattva
Founded: Early 8th century
Kaiki: Gen 
Application: Empress Mitsuaki
The temple: 88 in northern Yamato sacred sites, Shurei Yamato Road 88

The temple was built as a principal image Bishamonten in the Asuka era,
It was established in the 3rd year of Tenpei (731) as the Ryuji Temple by the empress.

When the city of Heian era moved to Heian-Kyo, Heijo Kyo declined,
In the Kamakura period, the Shingon Rishu sect was opened though the Sea Ryuwang temple also declined as well.
After the major repairs of the cathedral, the Eizan of the Kousei Bodhisattva prospered as a dojo and study place of the precepts
From the Kamakura shogunate, we were chosen to pray for Kanto 34 feature on Temple.

In the Muromachi period, Nara was also influenced by the
From the fact that the whole area of the sea Ryuwang Temple also became a battlefield and suffered damage to destruction and plunder
It’s fading again.

In the Edo period, Tomoyuki from the Tokugawa shogunate,
At the same time as the main hall and Buddhist painting repairs are performed, it serves as a “government office agency”,
It is a big blow that loses the togado and fixtures during the Hai Shac of the Meiji era.

In 1953, Shigenobu Matsumoto joined the temple as the chief priest of the temple.
Osho Shinson, Osho Xing Izumi, former Sumiwa Hisashi, Mitsujun Osho, High Yu Osho,
The elder was produced by five Saidaiji temple from the sea Ryugi-ji.

In order to regain the brilliance that was the largest temple of the Shingon
In 1965 to 42, the return of the small tower of national treasures, including the dismantling repair of the West Kondo, the library
Cardiovascular to the West Kondo, repair of the main hall and the reconstruction of Cathedral,
There is a figure of the current sea Ryuwang temple.

Temple Gate

I feel a pretty bitter atmosphere.

There was a free parking lot beside the gate.


The atmosphere here is good.

It is also written on the WEBSITE of the Sea Ryuwang temple,
There is a taste like Nara.

Middle Gate

The Tsukiji wall which seems to satisfy fence mania does not accumulate.

Here, the admission fee is paid to the precincts.


Jizo-San welcomes you.




Main Hall

Immediately into the main hall.

[Ten-sided Kannon Bodhisattva]

Because it was prohibition of photography, the image was picked up on the net.

The Buddha, who was carved by the Empress of the Qing, was created by a Buddhist sculptor.
When you actually look at it, you will be mesmerized by the exquisite beauty of perfection.

It is a truly wonderful Buddha.

【 West Kondo 】

It is an important cultural property in the building at that time.

[Quintet Small Tower]

It is enshrined in the domin of West Kondo.

It looks like this is a national treasure.

[Higashigold temple Ruins]

It is said that there was a quintet small tower in the East Kondo.

Hai Shac lost the building of the heavy sentence and the small tower of the national treasure.

The Meiji government and the people at that time did a terrible thing.

The new powers destroy those of the former powers.
It does not change from old and West to ancient times to the present age.

When will the human race grow up?


Important Cultural Property.

【 Ikuki Jizo 】

[Red Seal]


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