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Kitchen Cafe Elder Ulisses

Kitchen Cafe Elder Ulisses


We went to the kitchen Café Elder Ulisses, a western restaurant with a warm atmosphere in teine.

Do you share a parking space? There are several.



I put a menu in front of the store!

There seems to be a pasta and a pizza in the center of Omurice ♪



Then, let’s Enter the shop!!

It was just after the opening, so I was the only



Good atmosphere!

Because there is a small rise, the child is also safe ♪



It is the first visit, so let’s omurice!

If you look closely at the menu… I am concerned about the menu that is limited to 10 meals for lunch only…

After the trouble, I decided to this place ◎


Beef Tongue Stew omurice (900 yen)


Wow! Delicious! Absolutely delicious!

And, it is with the salad and soup ◎



The cow Tan…

I’ll be happy to!!!



I do not know whether transmitted in the photograph, the feeling of the egg!

This is a professional skill!



The demi-glace sauce of the gentle taste, and the egg of the pulp is good compatibility ◎

The beef tongue is soft, and there is a response to eat because it is a grounder!



The atmosphere in the store and the taste of the dish were also friendly.

The feeling of the shop was also very good at home.


Also with the line.


Kitchen Cafe Elder Ulisses
● Address

10-2 Aoi Bldg. 610 1F, Maeda 6, Teine-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido

Business Hours
Lunch 11:30 ~ 15:00
Dinner 17:00 ~ 21:00
● Telephone
● Regular holiday

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