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Konpira Onsen Yumoto Yachiyo (bathing, August 5, 2017)

Konpira Onsen Yumoto Yachiyo (bathing, August 5, 2017)

I arrived at Tadotsu station by a hot train from Tsushima-Omiya station.

I was supposed to get in the car here.
There was no parking lot so I parked the car at Zentsuji station.

The number of trains around here is still small.

It’s just two stops from Tadotsu station to Zentsuji station.
It is usual that the next train comes to wait for tens of minutes.

For those who are usually traveling by car,
Waiting for this train is nothing but pain.

Let alone the hot weather.

That’s where the incident occurred.

There was a fire on some tracks,
The train in the direction of Zentsuji is stopped.


Why is it firing from the railroad line at this time. Weep

Yes, it is.

According to the announcement, the recovery will not know when. Crying

It is that I can not wait at home without such a cooler,
In a hurry, I hopped into a taxi to Zentsuji station.

This is a rural station, but I was saved by a taxi.

There is a pilgrimage-ji temple near Tadotsu station.

We moved to Kotohira by car from Zentsuji station.
I decided to refreshing into the hot spring.

[Kim Kurakawa]

I parked my car in a nearby paid parking lot and went to Yachiyo.

【 Konpira Onsen Yumoto Yachiyo 】

Speaking of a long-established, it is good
The building is quite an old inn.

【 Open-Air bath 】

The elevator and the rooftop stall bath are up the stairs to the sixth floor.

Although it is mixed bathing, the woman is reserved without being. (^ ^;

This is a TV broadcast in Tokyo, “& A piece of junk”,
It is an open-air bath that the no-no and Kumatsu Ikuminoru had mixed bathing.


From the rooftop to the Hongu.

It’s a pretty good view but I’m a little embarrassed about it. (^ ^;

However, the bottom of the street is full of pigeons and droppings.

The staff were very nice and clean.

That’s impossible.

Because it’s daytime, I know, but if it’s night,
I don’t know if there is a Hun.

I indoor bath on the sixth floor because I don’t feel like going in.
This is a strong disinfectant odor in this.

Konpira Onsen Yumoto is the only name,
It was the hot water that I disinfected in circulation.

I was sorry, but the sweat was refreshing.

【 Omotesando 】

For the time being, I eat udon with great pains.

【 Konpira udon approach Shop 】

(Image borrowed from official WEBSITE)

Bukkake cold and Shrimp heaven and take heaven.

The noodle shop in Omotesando is the business of the visitor partner
The price is high, but it was delicious.

Well, persist to konpira in such a hot time,
Because it is completely suicidal, I will head to the Temple of the Twenty sacred sites exceptional Shikoku.

Middle-aged tourists visiting the tour will climb the steps of the Konpira Palace.

I didn’t have to go on a sightseeing tour on a tour when it was so hot. (^ ^;<!–


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