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Local B-Class gourmet Yakisoba & Ryugasaki Croquette of the city revived system @ Ibaraki/Toride

Local B-Class gourmet Yakisoba & Ryugasaki croquettes @ Ibaraki/Toride of the city revived system

I don’t write about things like diaries.
I’ll write it because it is connected to next year.

The fireworks display of toride is about 8000 rounds,
It’s a medium-sized firework festival that’s everywhere
It is crowded because there is almost no fireworks festival which overlaps the same day.

Be held a little before the Obon festival every year,
It is a summer tradition in the southern part of Ibaraki prefecture.

A noteworthy aspect of this fireworks display
The feature is to see well from the deck of the station.


Less than a minute walk to the station ticket gate.
Moreover, there is Nishitomo and Seijo Ishii,
There is no problem with sake and relish.
Of course, the restroom…
There is no other good fireworks in the environment.

So, this year I went to three years,
Did you capitalize on the recent B-Class gourmet boom,
B-Class gourmet of the name that can not be heard
I saw the sale at the entrance of Nishitomo in front of the station.


Its name Also

However, this Yakisoba
He wasn’t
It is not a B class gourmet revived the town of “the system made by force”.
There is a proper roots.

The fried noodles in the southern part of Ibaraki Prefecture
Although it is a source taste of course,
At the store and at home, I hung a little soy sauce on
The tendency to put garlic is seen.

Especially for those who have lived in the ancestral ages,
In addition, it seems that the tendency becomes remarkable.

Like this
The taste that is rooted in the local properly is based,
It is a local B class gourmet of the rightful faction.

Of the general Yakisoba here,
Garlic degree is not leaked to the example and this is great…


Instead of putting garlic in the ordinary,
Fried garlic is put on the side of the grill.
Well, it’s a time-consuming translation (^^)

Quite fragrant, moderate bitterness to taste of mein
They complement a jerk


In the place where I ate half more,
It mixes the included Baby Star, and the guidance enters from the person in the shop to change the taste and to eat (̄ ̄;)

If you mix the baby Star, you’ll live with fried garlic flavor. The texture is also interesting.

Not only at the time of the festival,
I wonder if there is usually a can eat place…??

It is becoming established as a B-class gourmet in the southern part of Ibaraki prefecture,

Ryugasaki croquettes

There are more than revived B-class gourmet boom in the city
It has become famous in its own way.

This was also a street stall in front of the Nishitomo.


He seems to have won the prize.
There seems to be a croquettes called Tama Koro.


Like croquettes with plenty of onions
The sweetness is considerably withdrawn.


The appearance is full of onions.


In the original Ryugasaki croquettes,
There is no definition like Mishima croquettes.
… So, the definition seems to win the person who decided.

In the category of livedoorB-class gourmet,
Fried noodles and croquettes are not popular for some reason.

And strangely enough,
If you look at the ranking is obvious,
Other than a few blogs,
There is no blog which takes up “local B class gourmet”
Entry into the recent local B-class gourmet events and competitions,
Is the reaction to the current situation where the fried noodles and croquettes occupy a large number?

It is the mountains that I want to publish separately to earn the number of articles originally,
Because it is too unpopular Neta
I decided to post it in the combined technique.

(※ The article is popular in the livedoorB Class gourmet category Conversely, the shop and Jiro system of Can eat deca in 1000 yen. Then, you could eat less than 1000 yen in a cheap tavern of about 250 yen per cup. I sometimes change the short-term and travel with cheap seafood. If you live in the Kanto area, Tokyo and Kanagawa Neta are the best. Sometimes Chiba, Saitama, Shizuoka. If you continue to write more than 400 articles every day for one year with this content, the average of 70 to 80 visitors can be expected at least one day cursory look at estimates. You can be a three star blogger without a doubt, please refer to. It’s just a pretty good health problem. I can’t. I’ve written something 、、、)

By the way, the general Yakisoba is 500 yen,
Ryugasaki croquettes 200 Yen (-_-;)

The procession was made by Ryugasaki Croquettes.

(Additional later)
General Yakisoba but
It seems to can eat in here usually.
↓ ↓

Someone to stop me-(T_T)
The spirit of the blog is hijacked…

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