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Market meal-fried fish and tuna sashimi in a joint bowl?? Kashiwa Municipal Public Market Cafeteria @ Chiba/Kashiwa

Market meal-fried fish and tuna sashimi in a joint bowl?? Kashiwa Municipal Public Market Cafeteria @ Chiba/Kashiwa

Until now,
I have eaten at four public markets in Funabashi, southern Matsudo, Tsuchiura, Odawara.

I used to eat in a public market.
There was a good and cheap image,
In recent years, the market has become a tourist attraction
Openness to the general public,
And marine products tend to be non-fishing in general,
Various factors overlap, and the overall price hike has been raised.

The cafeteria of a certain market in Kanagawa
Its the most barrel example!!

Especially, the seafood rice bowl has a remarkable tendency…
1,500 yen is commonplace (Д °)

Well, raw fish in the market because it is a Ari thing than the people involved in general and tourists,
I wonder if they are seen on their feet… (T_T)

But in that, Tsuchiura and the southern part of Matsudo are conscientious prices.
Then, how about the Kashiwa market along the same Joban road?

… So, this time I decided to try to examine the market meal of a distant kashiwa.

“Let’s do our best as the same Chiba Kenmin…”
And, even call upon the United Front before, in the knees of Mr. Lai Valve logger who did not get to be totally against, sneak intrusion (̄ ̄;)

(Yes, oh, Mr. Y, who has asked me to contribute, the blog opened properly?? … I was going to cooperate while poor ability if I put up my Chiba without charm.


Kashiwa Municipal Public Market is located near Lalaport Kashiwanoha.
There are six restaurants in the left hand side of the parking lot.

There was a can eat shop in the middle of 700 yen.
Because there was a menu to be worried about the shop next to that,
I made this shop.


I went to Saturday.
On this day, it was open at 10:00, and it was a general customer aim mode.

Let’s look at the signboard for the time being.


There are some can eat items in 1080 yen.
Aim at this price range this time.
If the rice bowl should be counted as B-class gourmet,
I have defined it as a B-class gourmet within 1070 yen with tax
(It’s less than 1000 yen with tax)

This I can not count as a class B gourmet
Let’s have a taste of the market meal.

The item which I was interested in in this menu was a seafood rice bowl,
The signboard is 1000 yen, and enters 1800 yen (̄ ̄;)
Forgot to fix the price on Saturday??
Well, it’s not char. Give Up (T-T)

The next concern was
Tuna and horse mackerel fried rice bowl and fried tuna rice bowl

Sashimi of tuna eaten raw,
It seems that the piping hot and fried chicken are riding together.
I saw this combination for the first time (◎-◎;)

The Red Wings are like eating both fried and sashimi
I was looking for a menu that would grant me that wish.
It seems to have been very surprised (Д °)

This time, I chose horse mackerel fry tuna rice bowl.
20 minutes to order and wait…


Seriously, you’re talking about this.

I think it’s really a ride together… Д


Because the horse mackerel fly is riding, the rice is usual white rice.
Piping hot fried freshly-baked horse mackerel fly two.
It’s pretty crispy.

There are two kinds of tuna, too, Masmaz
It’s this thing delicious two times in a cup.

I’m a three-color bowl, @ 1080 yen


It is a lineup of boiled squid, tuna, salmon and egg-baked. Sesame is put on vinegar rice here.

We changed the place where we ate half of each other
For now, the perfect meal (^^)
I’m very satisfied because the amount is quite large.

The full extent of the inside and three-color rice bowl
The miso soup was clamshell. The side dish is also delicious.


If you eat on the market, Saturday is good.
There are a lot of sales being held for the general public…

But the fisheries system is sold out before 11:00,
The breakfast was very nice.


We tried to shop after 11:00, but
It was deserted.

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