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Megumi Lamasery (Worship on September 22, 2015)

Megumi Lamasery (Worship on September 22, 2015)

I finally arrived at Megumi Lamasery, the main of today.

I am very excited to visit.

It’s really crowded,
Wandering where to park the car
I was able to park next to the Treasure den at last.

The parking lot is free.

Address: 2280, Shizan Koyashiki, Koshu City, Yamanashi
Sect: Rinzai sect Myoshin-ji Sect
Principal Image: Buddha
Founded: Mototoku 2 years (1330)
Kaiki: Nikaido dehane Mamoru Sadafuji
Founder: Dream window Sparse Stone
Fusati: Kai 108 Sacred Sites

The old is the Kamakura Enkakuji sect and has a terat刹 of Kanto quasi-ten.
Early days (1330) at the time of the late Kamakura period was called Kai Maki no Sho
A local head office, Nikaido Dekimori Sadafuji invited the seven-morning Emperor and the Dream window Kuniya
It begins to have made my house a Zen academy.

The Iriyama of Kaigawa Kuniji (Sho Hee), who received the honor of the Sengoku period Kai Kunihiro Takeda Shingen, increased the temple
Yongroku 7 (1564) Shingen is determined to family temple the mountain with his own hand with terandonated.

Tensho 4 (1576) in April, Takeda Katsuyori has his father Shingen’s three-year-grave mourning during a grand funeral.
In the same decade (1582), Katsuyori was unable to withstand the times, and his blade under Tenmezan, and Takeda Kai.

On April 3, in the burnt of Oda Nobunaga’s fire, the mountain returned to the other
“The Zen is not necessarily the Sansui, and if the mind is disregarded, the fire voluntarily is cool” and the Dry River Kuniji
Fire as an accessory.

After the change of Honnoh temple, it was restored to the old view by the hand of Tokugawa Ieyasu,
In addition, the Yanagisawa Mino Moriyoshi, who became the national principal of the Tokugawa Godai General Tsunayoshi era Kai
The Temple luck is developed by the outside Mamoru of the same Kai Moriyoshi-ri son.
It becomes the family temple of Mr. and Mrs. Yoshiho.

Kuromon Ichiba

Indeed Megumi Lamasery! It is a total gate that makes me think.

It is just a samurai.

There was a parking lot on this side,
Parking lot refugees were fine. (^ ^;



There is an impressive red gate which is four legs ahead of a long approach.

This is an important cultural property built by the donated of Tokugawa Ieyasu.


The super famous three gates appeared after the garden.

When the Osho is the army of ODA,
On the gate, “If you do not mind, the fire is also cool”,
It is too famous to written the phrase of resignation.

Chagrin Battery is out of the camera here. Weep

Start shooting from here on your smartphone.
It was good to have a smartphone. (^ ^

[Stone Gate Cornerstone]

Main Hall


It is the main hall of Daimotoyama class.

[Entrance gate]

There is an entrance to this interior.


It is the appearance of a splendid Rinzai sect peculiar Kuri.

This is the admission.

It becomes hot when the character of the Furinkazan volcano is seen. (^ ^



I pray to the Buddha.

【 Uguiin Corridor 】

When you walk, you hear a squeaks and sounds.

It does not sound like a yingge voice.

[Takeda Fuwa-son]

It is said that it mimics the Shingen Lord that is enshrined in the Ming Dynasty Dono.
Shingen There’s public hair on the chest part?

It is a chest heat. (^ ^

Because it was not possible to photograph, the image is the one that the picture postcard was transcribed,
This overwhelming force is terrific.

I’ve also seen a number of immovable Ming Dynasty,
I think that it is a steadfast Ming Dynasty to contend one and two definitely.


There was a tomb of Shingen Takeda, the subordinate Takeda, etc. In the left back,
Unfortunately it was not possible to shoot.

[Nikaido Dehagori Sadafuji Memorial Tower]

[Dream window sparse stone garden]

There was a splendid garden in the back of the main hall with a heart-shaped pond.

Indeed Megumi Lamasery.

It is maintained to the garden comparable to the temple in Kyoto.

It is splendid.


The atmosphere around here is very good.

I had no idea that I would be rude to see such a garden in Yamanashi.

Then, the Dream window sparse stone convinced that it worked the garden of Tenryu-ji Temple, Moss Temple. (^ ^

Small garden

Don’t think this is a casual garden.

All things have been calculated and it has been understood that the work garden.

This is the end of the pay zone.

The admission fee of 300 yen was very reasonable. (^ ^

【 Founder-Dou 】

It was relocated in the place of the Buddha who was burnt by the Great Fire in the Meiji era.

It was enshrined the Dream window Kunio, Kaigawa Kunito, Suimune Osho.

【 Karansui Rock Garden 】

【 Belfry 】

[Stupa Treasure Tower]

The Bodhisattva is enshrined.

[Imperial Gate]


Main Hall

[Ming Dynasty 殿 Gate]

【 Lord Shingen Treasures 】

The admission fee is 500 yen and Choi is higher. (With common discount)

Entering the inside is still coming into my eyes,
The flag of Mr. Banner Takeda’s grandson.

I do not know if this is a thing of the time,
There was something unbearable for Takeda’s liking.

Other Shingen the fan surface illustrations and Takeda twenty-four SHO image for the public love,
It was full of attractions such as the long-time sword of a heavy sentence.

I think this is more fulfilling than the Treasure Museum of Takeda Shrine.

The sarcophagus of the river

Only this was possible to shoot,
The sarcophagus of the river had been enshrined for some reason.

The sarcophagus was enshrined in front of the founder temple.
It has been confirmed in winter 2014.

Why is it now? Lol

It was originally in Zojoji temple when examining it,
For notorious redevelopment from the 1950s,
It was moved to Tokorozawa City in Saitama Prefecture with the stone lantern etc. After taking out the remains.

Then, the stone lanterns and the like are distributed to the Temple of Hope nationwide,
Megumi Lamasery, in 1968, picked up the sarcophagus of the river with 13 stone lanterns
It was installed in front of the founder Hall.

[Red Seal]

Anyway, everything was great.

Cathedral, Takeda UNSO, garden, atmosphere, dignity, etc. no complaints!

I will always visit again.
I’m looking forward to that day. (^ ^<!–


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