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Nagakuji Temple (on July 26, 2015)

Nagakuji Temple (on July 26, 2015)

The main temple and Nagaho-ji temple today
The theme is to enjoy the shrine shrines in Wakayama.

I am looking forward to Wakayama because there are many temples which I do not know yet.
While it is good, it is a visit to Nagakuji temple in Sennan City, which was worrisome from before.

There was a large religious facility near Nagakuji Temple.

The religious group is called “the Book of Buddhism” which divides from Tenrikyo.
Cathedral came to want to go see as fond, but
It stopped because it was a general off-limits dusty that there was a common religion.

It was a big facility.

Address: Sennan City, Osaka 815
Sect: Shingon Sect Izumi-Chung-ji Sect
Principal Image: Ruyi ring Kannon
Founded: (DEN) kamame (724)
Kaiki: (DEN) Yujiki Bodhisattva
Imperial decree: Emperor St. Takeshi
The temple: The 33rd place of Izumi Nishi, Nankai Line seven Lucky gods, blurred twenty-four jizo-son

At that time, it was founded by a bodhisattva, and it was called the Golden Izumi Mountain Cichang in Kaikai-Uji.

It is said that it was at the side of the large rice nursery village (nobuto Dai Rice Nursery) Kaikai miyaike which became Kaikai-ji temple.
It is presumed to be the same architectural style as the Nara Horyuji temple, such as the old tile and the Japanese wadokaichin of Hakuho style.

Tensho six years (1578) Oda Nobunaga’s fire destroyed most of cathedral, but Dō escaped.

Keicho years (circa 1600) by the life of Toyotomi, the Harufusa Ohno and dō
The Ruyi of principal image was moved to the present place, and it was called Nagakuji Temple by reversing the era at that time again.

After the Tokugawa shogunate and temples and shrines and strong Kannon faith, the Lord is the prayer place of the Kishiwada public
It is said that it was Takamasa Yamagami.

It has been devastated since the Meiji era, but it has revived recently.


It is the precincts seen from a large free parking lot.

Oh, it is more splendid than expected and it seems to be able to expect it.

There is also a parking lot on the top.


Next to the free parking above.

【 Treasure Lord 】

【 Founder-Dou 】

It is a multi-treasure pagoda, but it was considered to be a founder temple in Nagatadera.

Daikokuten why.

【 Gathered-Dono 】

[Treasure 亮h Mark Tower]


[Training Daishi statue]

Daikokuten even at the feet.
I don’t have a sense. Wry smile

Stone Buddha

Main Hall

【 Founder-Dou 】

Stone Buddha

Enma, Hanayama, and Buddha eyes were carved,
What do you express with these three bodies?

[Inari Shrine]


This temple is a lot of stone Buddha, including Jizo son.

[Ten-sided Sentekannon Bodhisattva]

Stone Buddha


What the hell is this?


A triple tower and a pagoda under construction that I think were erected relatively recently.

[Triple Tower]

[Hand Water hut]


It is an elongated type of tower.

Stone Buddha

【 Belfry 】

Temple Gate

The parking lot was on the other side.

[Statue of Niwang]

[Red Seal]

I received the Red Seal of the Izumi West Country of three kinds.

It was a lot of attractions and I enjoyed it more than I expected.<!–


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