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Nagari Jinya: The residence of the Nagari Todo family with the adoption Takayoshi of Todo Takora.

Nagari Jinya: The residence of the Nagari Todo family with the adoption Takayoshi of Todo Takora.

Nabari Jinya is the third son of Niwa Nagshu, the “Nagari Todo House” 20000 stone residence, with the father of Todo Takayoshi, who was adopted by Takora Todo. The first mansion built by Takayoshi was destroyed by the Great Fire in the mid-Edo period, and most of the houses that were subsequently rebuilt were demolished in the Meiji era. Currently, only a part of the main gate, the central entrance, the tearoom, and the tea Room are in existence, and it is open to the public as “Nagari Todo House Ruins”.

Basic Data >
Name: Jinya Nabari (Wikipedia)
● Location: Nabari-shi, mie ( map )
● Main building: Todo Takayoshi
● Castle: Kan’ei (1636)
-Remains: Part of the Jinya building

Date of Visit: July, 2016

Visit >

nabari_jinya_01-3570Nagari Jinya traces have been published in existence as “Nagari Todo House residence Ruins”. About 10 minutes walk from JR Nagari station. We went up a gentle slope to the corner of the stone wall and the white wall.

nabari_jinya_02-3572This is the entrance. The ruins of Nagari Todo house residence. Admission Fee: 200 yen.

nabari_jinya_03-3574The explanation board of the Nagari Todo House residence. In existence is a part of the residence mark, the main gate (relocated in front of the shrine), and the back part. In a word, it will remain only in front of the mansion and the innermost.

nabari_jinya_04-3577From the entrance to the inside. Here is the form which enters from the main gate (Taiko Gate) which was in the far back of the original mansion, and not the original appearance but the building which had been in this side ahead. It can be said that the shape of the roof is evidence that the building was connected by piling up the extension to the extension.

nabari_jinya_05-3576The entrance of the current Nabari Todo house ruins. At that time the corridor was connected.

nabari_jinya_06-3631Into the house ruins. The “Next”, “Nakoku” and “holiday” are divided into three rooms, and the tea Room and the bath Hall are remaining. The first room is the next. Currently, the reception and panel display.

nabari_jinya_07-3618Then, I went to the inside of the front. There is an alcove, and it is a room that the Lord spent privately.

nabari_jinya_08-3583In the back of the middle.

nabari_jinya_09-3582Family tree of Nagari Todo family. In 1636, the new house which was moved to Nagari by the high-level life of the biological child after the death of Takagora (High Tiger’s adopted son) was poised and lost in the great Fire of 1710. After that, part of the residence ruins which was rebuilt is a mark of the Nagari Todo House residence now.

nabari_jinya_11-3603To the east side of the holiday. This is the exhibition corner of the famous Todo family.

nabari_jinya_12-3590A red seal from Hideyoshi. Keicho two years (1597) in the Red Seal of July 10, the content is a consolation sentence from Hideyoshi to Takayoshi kick in accordance with the high Tiger. With encouragement, Katabira and others are presented.

nabari_jinya_13-3597The panel exhibits the forgotten Nabari Castle and the early Todo House residence. In the basement of the current Nabari Todo house mansion, the ruins of the early Todo House, which was lost in the Great Fire, and the castle of Nagari Castle, which was once on this ground (Tensho in the 13th year of the Clan Matsukura, a one-country castle Ordinance). It is said that the stone wall of the Nabari Castle came out by the excavation.

nabari_jinya_14-3599A huge tile of the Nagari Todo House mansion. Speaking of the Todo family crest “Todo Ivy” is famous, Nagari Todo house is “Kikyo Crest”.

nabari_jinya_15-3595A part of the round tile of Nabari Castle in the Matsukura era, unearthed in the excavation. As an old feature, it can be mentioned that Tomoe’s legs are long. It is certainly long to extend with Bjorn!

nabari_jinya_16-3615Let’s go to see the tea room. The window of the garden side is greatly cut off, and the corner is rounded, and a very stylish impression.

nabari_jinya_10-3587Inside the tea room. It is wide for the tea room. You can see the “Square mini tatami” peculiar to the tea room. It’s a furnace for tea.

nabari_jinya_17-3610Inside the Tea Room 2. The entrance is also cut in the corner, very fashionable.

nabari_jinya_18-3611At the back of the tea room, Yudono. The bathing place at that time. The bath at that time was not soak in the tub with hot water, but the hot water put in the pail was hung to the body in this room, and it was a mechanism discharged from the central ditch to the outdoors.

nabari_jinya_19-3612Toilet. What a tatami mat.

nabari_jinya_20-3586The garden visible from the tea room. Since there is a garden in the same position in the drawing at that time, it might be a samurai mansion garden at that time.

nabari_jinya_21-3632Tile of the mansion. The Kikyo crest is carved also in the round tile and the demon board seen in the left back.

nabari_jinya_22-3639Leaving the mansion, along the wall to the backside. A small gate like the trick is set up in the corner of the wall which separates the garden. Whether it was from those days or the like is unknown.

nabari_jinya_23-3672In addition, it leads to the shrine grounds, and there is a huge wooden building in the foreground when advancing to the interior. This is the “Taiko Gate” which was the main gate of the former Nabari Jinya, and it was saved relocated to the Hiei shrine in the Meiji era.

nabari_jinya_24-3649Taiko Gate. It is a considerably large, splendid nagyakun.

nabari_jinya_25-3642From the front of the Taiko gate. Because it is set up on the way to the front shrine from the shrine grounds, the approach, it is quite strange impression.

nabari_jinya_26-3647Drum gate from the inside. Because the approach is a slope, if you look beyond from the inside of the gate, it becomes empty. The Kido on the right is a door to the tenement part for the lookout, but it was locked.

nabari_jinya_27-3648A sentinel for surveillance on the side of the door of Taiko gate. In the back of the lattice window, you can see the Shoji torn.

nabari_jinya_28-3651I looked up at the taiko gate from the slope of the approach. It doesn’t look like a shrine at first sight.

nabari_jinya_29-3652When you get off the hill, the company’s mark of the Shouei Shrine and a brand new stone torii. At the back of it is a huge drum gate.

nabari_jinya_30-3657Wander the castle town. Only the monument of “Major gate ruins” was built in the former major gate mark in the west. The castle of Shimokawa which played the role of the moat.

nabari_jinya_31-3661sThe intersection of the west side of the mansion, the Nagari Kaido (the back of the Torii) and the Hatase Kaido (right back), is a huge pine tree and an old stone torii.

nabari_jinya_32-3666The stone Torii is “Uryu tomishi pls shrine”. I read that I can nodular. It is said that there is a building bill of Motowa two years (1616) in the present shrine although it is said that the old record was burnt by Tensho IgA’s rebellion and lost. There is a record that has been donated by Takayoshi Todo. It enshrined in front of the Nagari River where this Nagari highway descended to the southeast.

nabari_jinya_33-3663A huge pine tree standing beside the stone torii. It is said that it is 300 years old, and it is called “the Pine of God Shi” (Shi is yanqi to the tree) and it is popular.

nabari_jinya_34-3671sThe stone Torii along the road and big tree that have been watching the town and people of Nagari than old.

Date of Visit: July, 2016
Photographic equipment: FUJIFILM X-M1 + XF14mm
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