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Nagitsu-ji Temple (18 August, 2017)

Nagitsu-ji Temple (18 August, 2017)

Nagitsu-ji temple is located four or five kilometers from the Hoso-in hospital.

This is the founder Ying Yama Zen master of Daimotoyama Soujiji temple opens,
It is a venerable castellan that became the Imperial Temple by Emperor Daigo later.

Address: 11 Sakai-cho, Hakui city, Ishikawa Prefecture
Sect: Soto-shu
Principal Image: Kegon Buddha Muro nun Buddha
Founded: Masakazu (1312)
Founder: Ying Yama, Tsujin Yamao
Kaiki: Rev. Shinobu
Fusatoto: Hokuriku 33 Kannon Sacred Sites, Noto National Kannon sacred Sites


In line with the high-zu-Dogen Zen Master of the Soto sect, the Ying Yama Jin, which is dignified as a Taizu,
Masakazu (1312) The history of the development of Soto-Shu in the country of Noto, Sakai
Castellan occupy the most important position.

After the 1st year of Mototoru (1321), the mune of the Soto-Shu career dojo was Emperor Daigo.

In the North morning period of Ashikaga Takashi, light-Joko erected the tower Toshio Noto country.
Ashikaga Naoyoshi also stupa two grains to the triple Toshio tower and pray for peaceful.

A large part of the cathedral was burnt down by the rebellion of the emperor, and it was revived in the post of Tsuchimimon’s request after.
Tensho 7 years (year 1579) with Nanao Castle by the fire
It is stricken with the fate of burning down the whole mountain again.

When Maeda Toshiya entered the Edo period and was in the territory of Noto,
I was instrumental in the reconstruction of Nagitsu-ji temple with 300 stones.

The current building is a revival after Kan’ei, and the cathedral is one of the origins of the Sodongshu temple.


It seems to be a very big temple.

[Lucky Bridge]

The car parked in the upper parking lot, so I went all the way down. (^ ^;

[Nakamichi Gate]

I feel the atmosphere of the castle completely.


The atmosphere here is unbearable.

It is not understood that this goodness does not visit.


Such a pond is just a muddy dead pond.

However, there is abundant water in this place.
The water of Benten Pond is very beautiful.

Therefore, it is a very clean atmosphere around Benten-dou.

Water is important again, I think.


It was good to go downstairs from the parking lot.

It’s easy to drive to the parking lot next to the gate.
The splendor of this approach is not tasted.

There are also a few parking lots below,
When you visit Nagitsu-ji, you will be able to walk

Stone steps

A dignified atmosphere seems to be a soda sect.

This is really unbearable.

Temple Gate

It was rebuilt in 1866 in the second year of Keio.

[Statue of Niwang]


The center is the main hall, Houdou.

There are Shoin, Seidou, and Kuri connected by the corridor to the center of the temple.

At the back of the temple, there is a lantern house, which is a founder hall,
It seems that the statue and the mortuary of the Goold peak are enshrined.

A special admission fee of 300 yen is required plus 500 yen.

The Goran Peak is the Zen master, Dogen Zen master, bosom Izanagi Zen master, Toru Zen master, and Ying Yama Zen master.

In addition, there is a mounds hill of 5 meters in height in the back of the Light Academy, relics of Goold Peak,
It is said that the remains of Michimoto Zen master have been enshrined.

[Juhan, the Four Kings]


[Daifusuma of Yamaoka Tetsufune]

It is a large fusuma book of Yamaoka Tetsufune who is one of the three ships of Edo period.


[Red Seal]

The rain is pouring when I get in the car after the visit.

It was paranoid about to drive.<!–


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