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Oarai topic Shop “Oyster hut” of handy size [rose chirashi rice bowl] and [pounding baked]

Oarai topic Shop “Oyster hut” of handy size [rose chirashi rice bowl] and [pounding baked]

I touched on the Oarai seafood market.
Let’s also touch on the surroundings.

The shop called Oyster Hut, which was previously an article,
This is located behind the Oarai seafood market.


In the emerging stores that have recently been talking about
You can eat a lot of shellfish by grilling it.


From here, I picked up some seafood from the tray.
System to pay money at the cash register.
By the way, each set meal is ordered directly at the cash register.

Note ↓ ↓


There seem to be various menus of the set meal.

I was going to eat a variety of things from now on,
It is the smallest and cheapest, and I order a rose Chirashi rice bowl!

Depending on the time of year, there is also a fresh shirasu rice bowl.


It is a lovely in the bowl size for a normal man,
The soup and the small bowl arrive neatly.

Order this plus a seafood barbecue!
… It might be that.

As the name of the store,
All you can eat oysters in particular is a specialty,
This is close to 3000 yen, so
I’m Choi and pass (T_T)

The value is put on its own as well as other shells,
Because I want to eat other things,
I don’t want to be too full…

I want to eat one grade because I came here.

By the thing, I found a guy with 300 yen in the Bigai in about 10, so I decided to eat this.


Mmm… Bee Lonely But… (~_~;)

The only thing is that I enjoy the atmosphere…

In, Kore is not the grill,
Steamed in a dedicated pot
“Pounding baked”
It seems to eat shellfish.

The kettle is the guy!


Steamed is touring the store, whoa-chan is going to do.
And I was able to wait ten minutes!!


It’s pretty hot, so you need to be careful when you take shellfish.

I take the contents of the shellfish while spinning,
Towards the end… It is likely to have a hard time with Choi to take neatly until the built-in. Because the built-in is delicious, please take it well.

And I thought I had finished eating.


This oyster hut, and the monkfish juice store that was posted last time,
You were connected. (@_@)
I didn’t know (̄ □ | | | |!!

In addition, just because it is connected, monkfish soup and seafood rice bowl here or can eat together is unclear (..;)

In addition, the shop side of monkfish Juice sells Hamayaki that the clerk bakes at a separate corner.
It is also a hand to aim at this…

For the time being, the two of them finished at 1460 yen (^^;
This is enough circumstance for this price. Trap (^^)/

※ From H29 beginning, small rose flyer rice Bowl disappeared from the menu (T_T) large size is less than 900 yen. Maybe it’s on the menu on weekdays??

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