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Popular shop of Nova that was made at the foot of Tsukuba!! -Deals near rustic ramen and its surroundings in Matsuya-made noodle shop

Popular shop of Nova that was made at the foot of Tsukuba!! ~ Rustic Ramen at Matsuya Noodle Shop & deals near.

It is less than 50 minutes by car from the center of Tsuchiura…
Mt. Tsukuba takes about 30 minutes from Tsukuba Station

The Matsuya noodle noodles near the Tsukuba Yamaguchi bus terminal
As the name suggests, we produce handmade noodles,
It is a noodle shop specializing in ramen noodles.

The noodles here
It seems to be used in a number of ramen shops.

Recently, because it seems to have become a reputation to be eaten in the noodle place here,
I made an opportunity to go.


A very tasteful shop (^^)
The location is great. (^^)/

Here is a paid tasting,
There is a corner in the Itato.

Well, it’s up to you to say it’s a ramen shop.
It is a shop that sells noodles, I wonder if it is a kind of directing??

The inside of the store was loaded with a bag of flour.
This is a good rendition, too. (^^)/


I ordered 500 yen for ramen.
It takes some time because the noodle that I cut is boiled after the work which pushes it further and it stretches it.


I looked around the store, but the seats were only for wall-facing counters.
There will be no more than ten seats.
Weekday daytime, even though in the morning it
There were about three people waiting.

The arrival of ramen noodles (^^)


Simple but a moment
A small amount of mopalm is mixed under the leek.
The noodles are quite seemed crushed and the waist is strong.
If you say strong, the texture is similar to Sano ramen.


The soup, the system is pretty strong.
It’s a clear soup with a lot of seafood.

On top of that
The chemical seasoning is not used or Д.

In addition, it is that the business is until 6pm,
When the number of appointments is finished, the corner of the paid tasting is finished
They only sell noodles…

It is a popular shop that is sold out early in the afternoon.

Below, the bonus that (1)
Located in front of the store, the station building and the ruins of Tsukuba Railway, has been diverted to the Tsukuba Yamaguchi Bus terminal.


The famous Makabe Hinamatsuri will be held from the first half of February to the 3rd of March, but no direct access is available.

However, if you take a bus to Tsukuba Yamaguchi from Tsukuba Station, which is the terminal of Tsukuba Express, you can change to a community bus in Sakuragawa City.


When you go to Hinamatsuri,
If the connection of the bus does not go well, this noodle made by Matsuya
I thought it was all about crushing time.
However, because the procession is very, and it is thought enough to miss the bus, I will be careful there (^^;

Bonus (2)
Well, the spot around here
There is another interesting place.

It’s a dog zoo, Tsukuba doggy land.

This is a direct contact with large dogs and small dogs.
It is famous as a dog theme park.


The entrance fee is 1500 yen and is expensive.
There are various discount systems available.

At the Laks Marina,
The 20th anniversary discount ticket of the doggie land was put.
If you use this, it seems to be half price.


There is no guarantee that I put on the day because there is a limit to the number,
I think there are other places
It is recommended to look for it in the supermarket in Ibaraki Prefecture and the road station.

Bonus (3)
Toward the Tsukuba-Yama shrine, there is a Mt. Tsukuba Onsen
It takes 1000 yen for a day-trip bathing anywhere.

If you don’t mind the hot spring, close to the gymnasium and the Hokujo daiike
There is a public cheap bathing facility.
There is not even a spa, but the water quality is excellent because Mt. Tsukuba wells up some good waters.

Personal evaluation of ramen

The taste is similar to Sano ramen in the station Mimika of the road if it is an analogy…

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