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Sandwich Studio Sant Doria

Sandwich Studio Sant Doria


I went to the sandwich shop sand Leah, a rare sandwich specialty store.

Well known, it is a famous shop close to the founding 40 years.




Open 24/7, it’s amazing!

I enter the shop immediately ♪



Delicious sandwiches in the shop!

From the staple such as ham and egg, the one with the fried food, the sweetness system is also available ◎


Carefully selected four types from this, let’s eat in the car!!


Ysaymix (180 yen)


First, the sense of appetizer. Lol

It is delicious with plenty of coleslaw of Shakishaki!

The price of 180 yen is also happy ◎


Chicken Cutlet (280 yen)


The thin soft chicken and the clothing steeped in sauce are the best!

It is hearty!


Double egg (220 yen)


The gentle taste of the egg, the ham is accented with delicious ◎

Because the bread is softly soft, familiarity with the egg is good!


Jam Whip (230 yen)


This is also a combination of iron plate ♪

Sweet and a little sour. This is already sweets!



First of all, the bread was soft and delicious, so every sandwich was delicious.

I wonder if the day will be able to conquer all kinds someday…. Lol


Also with the line.


Sandwich Studio Sant Doria
● Address

785-14 Minami 8 Jo Nishi 9-chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido

Business Hours
Open 24 hours
● Telephone
● Regular holiday
Open daily (only 12/31 ~ 1/2 days off)


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