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Sekaiji Temple (Worship on January 24, 2015)

Sekaiji Temple (Worship on January 24, 2015)

We went to a temple called “Sekaiji” which is said to have been erected by the group.

This area is also very long.
The countryside is easy to run without traffic jams. (^ ^

Address: 1271 Takashiwa, Oshibe, Nishi-ku, Kobe, Hyogo
Sect: Shingon Sect Koyasan
Principal Image: The Bodhisattva of Ruyi ring
Founded: Tenhei two years (730)
Kaiki: (DEN) Yujiki Bodhisattva
Nakoki: Emperor Shirakawa (circa 1100)
Nakaoki: Eizan (Kokasa Bodhisattva)
Fusato: Kobe Juso-Sacred sites kai, Harima Saiun kansera Sacred Sites

The savant Eizan son of the Emperor Shirakawa is the best in Nara at that time.
It flourished very much as a study mountain, and it was lined the cathedral of the Temple tower.

After saga and after the Emperor Fukakusa, it was ordained to be a imperial temple.

It was burnt down by the fire at the time of the three wooden castle capture of the Hashiba Hideyoshi in Tensho 7 years (1579),
In the Year of Keian (1648), we have been granted the red seal of rebuilding the main hall, Amida temple, etc. by Tokugawa Iemitsu
It was ordered the correction meeting (追儺 ceremony) of the Tentai Taihei million people.

There was a temple of the Temple of 24 temples until the Meiji Restoration,
The majority of temples were burnt down by the Hai Shac, and it is now slightly two temples.

The principal image Ruyi is transmitted by the self-made of the row group Bodhisattva.

【 Fukuchiin 】

When you get to the free parking lot, the first thing you’ll see is fukuchiin.

It seems to be managed by the head of Fukuchiin and Ryuhua-in in the temple.

Please click here for the Red Seal of the sex Sea temple.

It was simple, but it was a very quaint garden.

There were pigeons in some places on the wall tiles. (^ ^


【 Belfry 】

【 Hachiman Shrine 】

It is a quite splendid guardian company.


Thatched roof of gomala favorite.

It is healed very. (^ ^

If I had a mansion in the Kyoto Higashiyama Villa Group
I built this hermitage in my garden and enjoyed tea. Lol

Ming Dynasty steadfast was enshrined.

Main Hall

It’s so old, but it’s not so rough.

When I entered the main hall, the foreign team was quite tired.

However, the inner Zushi is enshrined in a solemn and splendid,
Principal image could not see.


At first I thought it was a benzaiten,
It was like a jizo-son when I looked at the stone Buddha well.


This is the end of the visit of the Sex temple.
It moves to the Longghua temple of the tower which is several hundred meters away.

[Ryuhua-in Temple]


Pick your Jizo.

It is an unusual roof that the bottom is a tile in thatched.


Mamoru Sha.

Mizuko Jizo-son.

I do not shoot the water child relationship basically,
Because it is pretty, it has taken unintentionally.

A Buddhist statue of the Jienhaha.

The image of a trained daishi.


Jizo Bodhisattva statue.

[Red Seal]

I received the red Seal of the Kobe Juso Buddha in two kinds in the fukuchiin of the tower head.

Because the paper which was written in Ryuhua-in in the temple had been pasted,
I was absent even pushing ping-pong to ask for the Red seal.

I do not know what kind of red seal is,
Maybe it’s the same red seal as Fukuchiin.<!–


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