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Shinhase-dera Temple (August 9, 2015)

Shinhase-dera Temple (August 9, 2015)

The temple called Shin-Hase-ji temple in the center of Seki City.

This is a great cathedral.
The precincts of the temple are very rare and extremely difficult to photograph.

To the best of my knowledge, I do not know the temple of the precincts prohibition shooting.

It’s OK to take a temple next to Lotus Temple in Kyoto.
There is a oddities that it is forbidden to put the photograph on the net.

The new Hasedera temple is written and “Shin-Chou” is read.
I’ve always thought, “Let it Be.” Wry smile

Address: Tanimachi 1, Mayor of Seki City, Gifu Prefecture
Sect: Shingon Sect Chiyama Sect
Principal Image: The Bodhisattva of ten-sided Kansera
Founded: the 1st year of Sadō (1222)
Kaiki: Transfer and protection
Imperial Petition: Emperor Horikawa
Temple: Mino Shikoku Kannon Sacred Sites, Mino-Saikoku 33 Kannon, Mino seven Lucky Gods, Mino-Shinshikoku 88 Sacred Sites

The mountain is a esoteric temple with more than 800 years of history.
It seems that the Heian period was a deep edge with the Seiwa Genji family named Yoshida-ji Temple.

In the Kamakura period, the enshrined of the ten-sided Kansatsu Bodhisattva, which was felt by the Hiroshidaishi Act,
I dō to the temple of Yoshida.
This statue is the present principal image.

After the Emperor Horikawa good remedy for to the eye disease of the temple, it becomes the imperial edict,
The terissue of Shin Hase-ji temple was received from the emperor.

Hatchobaru was erected and flourished by cathedral Shichido to Yoshida-ji temple.
After that, I had a fire twice, but each time I had a Nikaidou family (Lord Gifu Inaba) and
It is revived by the effort of the clan Yamauchi family of Genji (ancestors of Kazuhiro Yamauchi).

The attack of Hideyoshi Habba went through, and in the Edo period, the expenses of the Tokugawa family flourished,
The precincts were reduced to one-twentieth by the abolition of the Buddha.
Cathedral is well-equipped and has left an atmosphere of castellan.


Temple Gate

It is a splendid gate.

Just by looking at the gate, you can see the majesty of this temple.

[Statue of Niwang]


Well, because it is the intention of the temple, I have to obey.

In addition, a lot of splendid cathedral when passing through the total gate.

Especially the triple tower is really bitter and wonderful.

I am driven by the urge to do photography.
But I put up with a jerk there.

I want to introduce it in my blog this time is unreasonable for that reason.
If you want to see it, please try another blog. (^ ^;

After visiting the main hall and visiting the shrine,
It was peeled off the right knee by the step by more. Weep

I thought this was a dangerous thing, but it was good to be done with a slight injury.

The knee part of jeans was torn, but
It was a good condition and damage jeans. Wry smile

[Red Seal]

Cathedral’s really great.

If you look at that forbidden sign,
I might be a little nervous,
There is nothing to be said if you visit the shrine normally.

But if you’ve checked in a lot since you came home,
A surprising thing was written in the blog “Hot Spring Lover Man”.


If you want to take a picture of the triple tower give thousand yen or
Gross the Sen-Guba Buri.

When you visit the shrine is the intention of the temple,
I was so quiet, but I was angry when I learned this.<!–


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