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Takarakuji Temple (on August 17, 2017)

Takarakuji Temple (on August 17, 2017)

Toward the earnest desire of the three-year-eve, the White Mountain
Depart from home with full maturity.

Because the visit of Hakusan Okumiya will be from early morning tomorrow,
Today, I shrines a shrine in Kanazawa city and Hakusan City.

First, the family temple of the Maeda clan to treasure-ji temple.

It took five hours from home at all speeds. (^ ^;

Location: 6-14 takaracho, Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa
Sect: Soto-shu
Principal Image: Buddha Muro nun
Founded: Tensho (1583)
Founder: Daitoru Kei-Hisashi Yamato
Kaiki: Maeda Toshito
Temple: Hokuriku 33 Kannon Sacred Sites, Kanazawa 33 Kannon Sacred Sites


The feudal clan of Kaga million Stone is in the beginning Echizen Fuchu,
Castle the trust in the Osho of the high Seura Baoji temple to the suburbs of
When I moved to the castle of Nanao of Noto Tensho nine years,
It was made to invite the Osho and to have created the Treasure Circle Temple.
Tensho to Kanazawa Lord in the eleventh year, I invited Osho to Kanazawa again
The Osho to founder the great-permeable
It was the family temple of the Maeda family and the touch head of the whole temple.

The main hall and the gate were renovated in 9 years by the Lord Tsuninori of the fifth generation
Although it was said to be the Nikko of Hokuriku, many of the cathedral were burnt down by several fires.

There is also a tomb of the Goeidou, the tomb of the Clan and the grave of Tawaraya Munin, etc.

The sacred sites principal image of Kanazawa Kannon, the Bodhisattva
It is also the GNP Buddha of the Saigawa shrine in the principal image of Takaraku-ji of the old Toshike
By the Eragon of the former master in the Buddha who is related to Hakusan faith,
It is the one that it transferred to Kanazawa Kannon sacred sites extra treasure Temple at the temple of Toshito.

In 1868, the misfire from the temple lost all cathedral again.
The main hall and the Kuri are construction now.

Temple Gate

Although the family temple of the Maeda family,
It is a simple feeling seems to be a soda sect.

It was built around 1899
Designated as a registered tangible cultural property of the country.

[Fukutoku Jizo-son]


There are about 20 free parking spaces on the left.


Main Hall

Unfortunately, it remained closed.

It was built around 1872.


There was only a Komaeda Nagito Fox. (^ ^;

【 Goeidou-Sacred-Dou 】

It was a little far from the back of the main hall.

[Tawaraya Muneour Tombstone]

There is a tomb of Tawaraya Munus in the old cemetery in the back,
I went to the cemetery in the morning and searched.

There are some rare tombstones with Torii,
It was at the back.

It seems to be a tombstone apparently.

It is carved with the tailing-in-in sect Jin Liu People,
By the people of Osho Maeda and Tawaraya Kanazawa Kobo
It is assumed to have been erected.

It is the memorial service of the Tawaraya of St. Seiya on September 15 every year.
The memorial service Tea Party is going to be held.

The atmosphere of the whole temple felt very closed.

The bad part of the Soto sect is out.

In the yoga etc. that the temple does, it is likely to call the person, and not to be closed,
I cannot help saying that it is closed to the people who usually come to visit.

I can understand that there are circumstances in the temple.
It is sad to feel closed after all.

The Red seal is not received by such a reason.

Kuri don’t think you’d like to, until you press ping-pong.<!–


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