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Tamonji Temple (Worship on January 24, 2015)

Tamonji Temple (Worship on January 24, 2015)

The sacred sites of the Kobe Juso Buddha is also filled with the following Tammon temple.

If you think, the temple of the Juzo Kobe Buddha is rich in individuality everywhere,
There were many temples with a different atmosphere than the castellan of Kyoto and Nara.

There are many places where there is no car.
I want you to visit because one can go.

Now, there is a free parking lot in Tamonji Temple.
If you turn right, the wall will not get in the way.

It passed purposely because there was no other way, and it went back to the left. (^ ^;

Address: 2-2-75 Tammon-dai, Tarumi-ku, Kobe, Hyogo
Sect: Tendai-shu
Principal Image: Bishamonten
Founded: Sadamori 5 years (863)
Founder: Cisatoru Daishi
Fusato: Kobe Juso sacred sites, Akashi Saiun

The Bishamonten statue was enshrined in a self-etched image.
The temple is in the early Heian period, 5 years (863) by the imperial Seiwa Emperor
It is a castellan that has been opened up by the fourth Tendai Ji Satoru Daishi.

After it was burnt for a natural disaster in 120 years after the creation, it is revived by the person on the Ming view in the life of Emperor Hanayama,
In the fire again, the present Dowoo was rebuilt in the second year (1712).

In the principal image of the statue Bishamonten the Secret Buddha, the Samurai has been served by the Buddhist bodhisattva of a heavy sentence.
The sacred Kannon statue of the precincts of Akashi Hachiyama is arranged in Akashi Nishi-Sunanji.

There is an Isshin pond in front of Amida-do, which is the tenth sacred image of the Buddha.
Iris is flourish and the best of the 50th Kobe Flower selection,
A big Shing is exhibited in the flowering period in the middle of May.

The bishamonten of the statue of the Buddha
It is principal image that the gold copper Bishamonten of the appearance is paid from the local Ashiu and it was enshrined.


It was next to the parking lot.
In a fairly new temple, the immovable Ming Dynasty was enshrined of course.

Filming was prohibited.



The one that was rebuilt in 1989.


It is the main hall that I see over there.



Main Hall

There are two holes in the inner circle,
The principal image is not seen in the secret Buddha, and it was prohibition of photography. Weep


It was prohibited to take a picture here.

【 Belfry 】

[Treasure 亮h Mark Tower]

[Jizo Bodhisattva statue]


[Red Seal]


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