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The 16th: Kanonji Castle (Ishigaki coveted!) Grand Mountain Castle by Mr. Rokkaku, Minami-Omi.

The 16th: Kanonji Castle (Ishigaki coveted!) Grand Mountain Castle by Mr. Rokkaku, Minami-Omi.

Date of Visit: May 2013, April 2017

Kanonji CastleIs located on the boundary between Omihachiman City and Higashiomi City, Shiga PrefectureMt. UmbelIt is a fortress that spreads together.
It is said that it dates back to the Nanbokucho era, and it is one of the mainstream of the prestigious Mr. Sasaki of Omi Genji who has been a guardian for a long time.Mr. HexAs a stronghold of the civil War, after all,Yoshitaka Rokkaku, YoshijiThis land is being chased by Oda Nobunaga.
This castle boasts one of the largest mountain castles in the medieval period,Japan Great mountain FortressIt is one of the In the age of the center of the EarthIshigakiIs a very important castle in terms of heavy use,Country Historic SitesIs specified in theJapan 100 CastleIt has also been selected. Since 2013, it has been a visiting castle Buri four years, but it seems that maintenance is progressing.

観音寺城/01石寺登城口  観音寺城/02日吉神社
Left: There are a lot of mountain climbers in Kanonji Castle built in Mt. Umbel, but it is popular as a walkIshideraClimbing from the trailhead. The car was placed in the city of Ishiyamaku. Paid
Right: thisHiyoshi ShrineStone steps toward Kannon-ji temple in front ofAkasaka RoadAnd the way to the direction of Ikeda Maru via the yagata mark (Omote-ZakaTo a branch.

It is the foothills part of the rope-clad figure that was in the Guide board. (Enlarge)
We will go up the blue line from there to aim at the house-shaped mark (hex residence) which is painted in vermilion.

観音寺城/03御屋形  観音寺城/04天満宮への階段
Left: The ruins of the house at the foot of the mountainEvidence of the Mikiya(Hex Mr. Mansion).
It seems to have progressed in recent yearsIshigakiIs very easy to see.
Right: The ruins of the mansion seen from the stone steps to Tenmangu ShrineIshigaki

観音寺城/05御屋形石垣  観音寺城/06御屋形横の石垣
The left is great.High stone wallIs.
Appi CastleI was surprised to have built the stone wall of this much ahead of.
[Right] there is a stone wall next to the hut shape mark. It might have been a residence mark, too.

This is a map of the mountain. It climbs to the tune group of the Yamagami Finally, and it comes out in the lower left area because it is a blue line.

観音寺城/07登城口  観音寺城/08曲輪削平地
【 Left 】 I climb a steep mountain trail single-mindedly.
[Right] in the middleForest Umbel Mountain LineCross and go over and the ground level of the inflection wheel group appears.

観音寺城/09曲輪虎口  観音寺城/10木村丸石垣
[Left] of the stone wallPassingThere is a tune ring with the one which seems to be.
It is one of the places to deflect the road to the right a little.Kimura MaruIs.

観音寺城/11木村丸  観音寺城/12木村丸東面
LeftKimura MaruInside state.
Right: Kimura Maruhigashi faceIshigakiIs.

観音寺城/13木村丸埋門  観音寺城/14大石垣
[Left] Although it is quite buried, of Kimura Maru which is also in the rope figure of the Guide boardA burial gate(Eddy Mimon).
[Right] go back to the original path of the masterpieceGreat stone wallComes into view.
Here too, the trees are cut down and they are easy to see and stand up to Noborihata.

観音寺城/15大石垣2  観音寺城/16女郎岩
[Left] this is great!
[Right] on the great stone wallFemale RockThere is a megaliths called.

観音寺城/17眺望  観音寺城/18池田丸
The view on the south side is also good.
[Right] if you climb furtherIkeda MaruArrived.

観音寺城/19池田丸窪地  観音寺城/20池田丸石垣
Left: The hollow of the mysterious stone assembly.
Right: Ikeda Marunouchi side is so lowIshigaki.

観音寺城/22池田丸折れと櫓台  観音寺城/21池田丸空堀  
Right: The southwest side of Ikeda Maru is small in Kanonji CastleHorikiriSeems to have been cut off by.
[Left] open to the stone wall of SeomyeonPassing。 Also seen the broken,Tower ruinsThere is also a part that seems to be.

観音寺城/23池田丸虎口  観音寺城/24池田から平井へ
Left: Opened from Ikeda Maruto the centerPassingIs.
Right: Even while heading from Ikeda Maruto Hirai Maru,IshigakiAnd someSogawaYou can see.

観音寺城/25池田平井途中曲輪土塁  観音寺城/26平井丸虎口
Left: I was in the direction of Ikeda Maruto Hirai MaruSogawa.EarthyCan be confirmed.
[Right] This is a splendid famous Hirai MaruPassingIs.
IshigakiIt is likely that the one of the largest in the castle is used and was the center.

観音寺城/27平井丸石垣  観音寺城/28平井丸
LeftTaira-MaruOf the west SideIshigakiIs. This is also a pretty good atmosphere.
RightTaira-MaruIt is a state of the inside.

観音寺城/29平井丸上段  観音寺城/30平井丸埋門
[Left] Hirai Maru seems to have stepped up and down, and the back is a step higher. AlsoGarden ruinsIs also found.
Right: Hirai MaruA burial gate(Eddy Mimon).

観音寺城/31大石段  観音寺城/32本丸
[Left] of major mouth running up to HonmaruGreat stone Steps
As the defense mechanism does not play a role, it seems to have a strong connotation as a ceremonial and political symbol.
This tooAppi CastleIt is said that it is a precedes thought.
RightHonmaruInside state. An artificialStone SinksAndStone and ground baseIs visible.

観音寺城/33本丸搦手  観音寺城/34本丸井戸.
【 Left 】 Honmaru rearmThe Difference Tiger mouth
When you exit, the Muromachi shogunate generalsYoshiharu AshikagaIs known for having fledMulberry TempleI go down to the direction of the hoe.
[Right] the rearm of the mouth still filled the waterWell marksIs still there.

観音寺城/35本丸の上曲輪  観音寺城/36本丸の上土塁
[Left] It is common to head for Kannon temple from Honmaru, but it was forcibly attached to the tune group in the upper Honmaru as it was. There are still a lot of stone walls.
[Right] I went to the East Sawa-maru on a thin soil base without lowering altitude as it is.

観音寺城/37大土塁へ 観音寺城/38楢崎邸
Left: At the time of 2013, it rose from the branch of the Mountain trail of Kannon Shoji Temple.
Right: When you move from the branch of the Mountain trail, the first thing that jumps into your eyesNarasaki ResidenceOfIshigakiIs.

観音寺城/39沢田丸石垣  観音寺城/40大土塁
Left: Even if you go up from the Honmaru,Sawada MaruWe met around here.A large earth baseThe next step.
RightA large earth baseGo on. There are countless inflection rings in the lower right of the ground base, but it is considerably a bush.

観音寺城/41三国丸  観音寺城/42三国岩
[Left] this isMikuni MaruOfIshigaki
RightMikuni RockCalled the megaliths.

観音寺城/43堀切  観音寺城/44城碑
[Left] In addition, it is few in Kanonji Castle to advance the large baseHorikiriHere is a good place to stay.
RightCastle SazakiIt was written in the Taisho eraStone monument
Of course, it is a castle of the Omi Genji Sasaki, and it shows the castle of Kanonji.

観音寺城/45へのへの  観音寺城/46下山
[Left] When you do not know when the stone monument was dug into the same graffiti.
Right: Go down from the large earth base area.

観音寺城/47伊庭丸  観音寺城/48おくのいん
[Left] this isIWA MaruOfIshigaki
RightOkunoinWas coming down to the entrance.

観音寺城/大石垣  観音寺城/権現見附
[Left] There are boulders that were the object of the faith for a long time before the castle can be found at the top left of the Torii. More like a photo on its left handHigh stone wall
Right: From the Torii to the WestGongen-MitsukeThere is a gate which is called, and this seems to be a high possibility of the ruins of Kannon Shoji temple. The ruins of the temple or the ruins of the castle were not judged because a previous high stone wall continued to the vicinity of Gonen Mitsuke.

観音寺城/49大土塁分岐  観音寺城/50淡路分岐
If you go to the east side, there is another branch to the large soil base.
[Right] a little further to the left side of the eastFuse Awaji MaruThere is a branch to a little confusing.

観音寺城/51布施淡路丸  観音寺城/52淡路丸虎口
Left: If you climb the branch a little, immediatelyFuse Awaji MaruOfIshigakiYou will see.
Right: Fuse Awaji MaruPassingIs.

観音寺城/53淡路丸石垣  観音寺城/54淡路丸土塁
LeftFuse Awaji MaruIs very far from the center,IshigakiI can imagine that it was a pretty important ring to defend the east with splendid.
RightFuse Awaji MaruOfEarthyIs.

観音寺城/55淡路丸搦手  観音寺城/56淡路堀切
Left: the opposite side of fuse Awaji MaruPassingIs.
Right: When you exit the tiger mouth, on the ridgeHorikiriCan be confirmed.

観音寺城/57目賀田  観音寺城/58目賀田土塁
[Left] to return to the original road and advance to the east to appear on the right is the Mekada Maru.
[Right] in the Mekada Maru was accompanied by a break like a photographEarthyBesidesWell marks, ToraguchiYou can check the

観音寺城/59観音寺林道終点  観音寺城/60観音正寺
On the left is a general route to the east of the Mekada-Maru, which has been extended by a road to Kanonji.
Right in the center of the castle areaKannon Shoji Temple。 There are a lot of people who visit only here in the 32nd place of the thirty-third place in West Country.
In general, it was going from the precincts to the Honmaru direction, but it was collected iriyama fee.
By the way, when I visited in 2013, it was free steadfast, and it did not travel through 2017.

観音寺城/観音正寺石段  観音寺城/林道終点
【 Left 】 Shimoyama goes down to Hiyoshi shrine stone steps from Kannon-ji temple. In the first rope-clad figure, the Brown LineAkasaka Road。 They still have a tune on the wayIshigakiDot.
Right: In the middle of the stone stepsUmbel Forest RoadThere is an end point of the car can be put here.

It was built in Kanonji CastleMt. UmbelThe altitude is 432.9 m, and the height is considerably tiring to climb by walking because it exceeds 300m.

It is said that it is the founder of Rakuichi who is famous for Nobunaga, although it is a hexagon that was made to the tree edge in Oda Nobunaga.
It is said that Kanonji Castle itself influenced the castle building of the castle. It is true that these castles have many common points in the place, the building, and the thought.
Such Kanonji Castle, although it is very popular for the castle lovers, because it is in the opposite of the very famous castle and eyes and nose as the castle of Oda Nobunaga, it is regrettable that the attention is lowered in general by all means.
Even though there is so much to see and do, there is not enough information to guide the entire castle in a day, so preparation is indispensable.

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