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The 18th: Kaida Castle (the castle of our village)

The 18th: Kaida Castle (the castle of our village)

Date of Visit: May 4, 2013

KaitajoThe castle was in Nagaokakyo City, Kyoto Prefecture.City Historic SiteIs specified.
I guess it is a class of super Maniac Fortress. When we talk about going to the castle for the next holiday, “was there a castle in such a place?” It is often said,The castle and the fortress were everywhere in the whole country!I want to talk about it.
It is an image of the castle, but most people think of the Edo era Castle with its splendid tower and stone walls (Himeji CastleAndNagoya CastleAnd.. The castle fortress as the medieval castle of the feudal lord and the person who is reading a historical novel like a little around the Warring States period, etc. (Otari CastleAndKasuga YamashiroAnd… .
The scale of the Kaida castle is even smaller,Fellow seems, Kunshu, Tsuchigo. Or Ground SamuraiIt is said. One of the small lords who ruled the region which is not so large as the village and the town level although it is good if the image of approximately is floatedMr. NakojiIt is a castle that doubles as a house.
There might be a person who has grown from among these small lords to the Sengoku feudal lord, and the person who has been absorbed as a subordinate of a larger power, and is hardly talked about, and there is a person who ruined. It was an age when the Warring States period fought for such countless lords for the survival.
This area, which is currently in the southwest direction from Kyoto in Nagaokakyo City, was called the Otoprecept and Nishioka region, and there were crushed especially small lords. TheyNishiokaIt is called, and it seems to have demonstrated a considerable military power to unite. The Muromachi period seemed to have a moderate presence, but by Oda Nobunaga’s advancement, it is in the same Nagaokakyo city.Masaru-ryu-ji CastleToTakashi HosokawaWhen they entered, these lords were destroyed, absorbed, and disappeared from the stage of history and nature.

開田城/西辺土塁  開田城/西辺土塁2
[Left] a small park in the corner of the mansion along the Highway 79, near the Hankyu Nagaoka Tenjin station.Kaitajo Ground Base Park.
Right: This fill is the west side of Kaida CastleEarthyIs.

開田城/案内板  開田城/復元模型
Left: This is a photo of the excavation at the local information board. It was about 70m square turf.
The Apartment house is built here and it is only to save a part of the soil base now.
Right: The mansion side might have been cooperative to some extent in the preservation of the historic site. Elaborate like a photo at the entranceRestoration modelThe pamphlet of making firmly was put. From the position to run in front of the route 79 isMoat Trail.

In the back of the parking lot of the mansion on the southeast sideEarthyHas also been saved.

How was it?
It’s like a little castle feature near where I live.
The small heijo of the town had disappeared by urbanization, and there were many cases that only a stone monument stood, but Kaida Castle stayed on the last minute.
It’s good to find traces of local leaders.

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