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The 26th: Bowl-shaped Castle (Hojo Shijo Network, the most important base in Kita Kanto)

The 26th: Bowl-shaped Castle (Hojo Shijo Network, the most important base in Kita Kanto)

Date of Visit: July 15, 2013

Bowl-shaped CastleIs a castle in Yorii-machi, Saitama Prefecture.
Because the ruins of the medieval castle are left well,Country Historic SitesIs specified in theJapan 100 CastleIs also elected.
Last timeHachioji Castle, It will take up the bowl-shaped castle by the special feature of Sengoku Hojo’s support network.
He is a retainer of Mr. Uesugi, the Kanto district in the latter half of the fifteenth century.Harukei NagaoIt has been told that the castle was built by, but in the heyday of the Hojo period, the younger brother of Hojo and Mr. TeruHojo Mr. KuniBecame the Lord, and it worked as the most important base for Northern Kanto rule.

鉢形城/家系図  鉢形城/遠景
[Left] as well as the next elder brother, Mr. Hojo has been excellent in heroism among the Hojo retainers, and has been well defended from the Kanto invasion of Mr. Takeda and Mr. Uesugi through the castle period. HoweverToyotomi Hideyoshi’s Odawara MasakiIt was attacked by more than ten times the army and after the siege one month, it was kaijo.
Right: The bowl-shaped castleArakawaAndShen-Sawa RiverNatural hazard built on a cliff near the confluence of the.
CurrentlyBowl-shaped Castle ParkHas been as maintenance.
Photo Takes to ArakawaShoki BridgeIn the vicinity of the prefecture designated scenic spotJade DianIt is known as a scenic spot of the name.

鉢形城/鉢形城歴史館  鉢形城/案内図
Left: FirstOuter WheelIs inHistory Museum of the bowl-shaped castleTo collect information.
[Right] This is a map of the site of Yorii-machi, but you can get a detailed brochure at history Museum.
It is essential to gather information in advance to visit the castle.
The river Fukazawa the castle, and it flows like a sword, and the east SideOuter Wheel, You can see that there are major inflection rings on the west side.
In addition, it is a defense facility which is large in the castle of East JapanHorse outIt is also known as a castle that is used extensively.

鉢形城/歴史館南土塁  鉢形城/外曲輪
Left: IntactOuter WheelLet’s take a look. The photo is on the south sideEarthyIs.
Right this is seen from the north sideOuter WheelIs. To the leftEarthyYou can see the origin of

鉢形城/深沢川  鉢形城/カタクリ群生地付近の土塁
Left: Flowing through the castleShen-Sawa RiverTo the main part of the West.
【 Right 】 near the Fukazawa RiverEarthy(Right side)A colony of Katakri.

鉢形城/二の曲輪  鉢形城/二の曲輪堀
[Left] cross the general road through the castle,Two inflection wheelYou will see.
[Right] is between the two inflection wheel and three inflection wheelMoat and Earth baseIs.
The bottom of the moat is to prevent Horiuchi from moving.RidgedHas been found.
Shoji HoriIt is a characteristic that is often seen in the castle of Mr. Hojo in the form of, but I do not understand well ridge in summer.

鉢形城/大手門跡付近  鉢形城/逸見曲輪
Left: JR Hachitaka Line and general road crossings, right near the entrance of Suwa shrineMajorIt comes to.
Right: A major in theDenmi MelodyIs.
Although it is understood in summer grass, it is possible to confirm a complex melody, moat, Dobashi, etc.

鉢形城/諏訪神社  鉢形城/馬出(諏訪神社)
Left: Present,Suwa ShrineBut as it isHorse outIs the remains of.
Even behind the shrineEarthyIs visible, butEarth Base and MoatIs left.
Right: The Suwa Shrine is seen from three of the melody side, but there is Suwa shrineHorse outAnd three inflection rings in the moatDobashiYou can see that it is connected by passing.

鉢形城/虎口,復元門  鉢形城/復元石積み
Left: Dobashi from the horse out of Suwa shrine, and it is in the place where the base of the soil is passed.PassingIs.
Four-legged gate and masonryHas been restored.
Right: When you pass through the gateThree inflection wheel, One of the major attractionsRestored Masonry ground base. In addition, the three inflection wheelWell marksAndDitch TrailEtc. have been restored.

鉢形城/馬出  鉢形城/御殿曲輪
[Left] This is between the three inflection wheel and two inflection wheel.Horse out
Inside theMasonryIs also found.

鉢形城/本曲輪  鉢形城/本曲輪土塁
LeftThis wheelThere is a monument of tamayama flower bags.
[Right] in this melodyEarthyYou can check the

鉢形城/笹曲輪の石垣  鉢形城/搦手
[Left] of the rearm sideBamboo WheelOfIshigakiIs the remains.
RightRearm MouthOfEarthyThe General road is missing as it is between.

鉢形城/搦手橋  鉢形城/搦手側の馬出
LeftRearm BridgeMoreValley of the Fukazawa River. The Fukazawa River joins Arakawa in the future.
[Right] a large scale on the rearm sideHorse outWas left, but the building of the group called the Bowl-shaped castle three scales was standing on the top.

Because it is a trouble,Jade Dian. The family was enjoying it in the river beach.

Sengoku Hojo is the castle of Odawara Castle, and in its heyday in the KantoHachioji CastleOr Mr. Discipline’sNirayama CastleA bowl-shaped castle that played the most important role with. After that, it does not get caught up in a big city development, and the ruins remain in a comparatively good form and are full of attractions. The improvement is easy to see, but the scale is quite large, so to see all the castles efficiently, you might need some information gathering and planning.

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