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The 33rd: Takashima Castle (formerly known as floating on Lake Suwa)

The 33rd: Takashima Castle (formerly known as floating on Lake Suwa)

Date of Visit: September 22, 2013

Takashima CastleIs a castle in Suwa City, Nagano Prefecture,City Historic SiteIs specified in theJapan 100 CastleIt has also been selected.
At the end of the sixteenth century under the Government of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, Suwa was ruled.Takayoshi HinenoWas built by.
With Takashima CastleTakashimaIs now being reclaimed and taken into the urban area, but it seemed that it was an island that jutted out to the Suwa Lake as its name, and the castle appeared to be floating in Lake Suwa.
Therefore,“Floating Castle in Suwa”It was called,Matsue CastleAndZeze CastleWithJapan three Great Lakes CastleIt is one of the This castle, from the lakeshoreNawateIt is connected only by a single road, and it becomes the territory of the Ream Guo type that Sanunmaru → Fuyuki-maru → Honmaru is arranged in a straight line.
When Mr. Hineno enters the Edo period and becomes a seal, it is a local famous tribe.Mr. SuwaWill bloom again.Suwa YorimizuSince then, Mr. Suwa has ruled this place until the Meiji Restoration.

The most beautiful scene is stillTower and Uchibori, IshigakiRight.
It was rebuilt in 1970,TowerBut it reproduces the unique atmosphere of the castle.
It seems to crack in the tile roof by the temperature difference in Suwa where the cold of winter is severe.
Therefore, the thin plate was originally piled up.Alfee World (Kobubu)Although the method was taken, it is reproduced with a copper plate. The stone wall has been piled up many times, but the stone wall extending from the tower to the front is oldField loadingIs left.

高島城/天守2  高島城/冠木門


LeftWest Side of TowerIs. This position at the time of the castleLake Suwa.
It is a strange feeling at The Den in the road now.
[Upper right] the east side of the tower has been restoredCrossbar.
Bottom right: The northeast corner was also restoredCorner Tower.

高島城/本丸庭園  高島城/石集配湯枡
LeftHonmaruThe interior is maintained as a park. Back in the garden at that timeHonmaru Palace.
RightStone Pickup Hot water MasuIt was a stone masu to distribute the hot water to the bathhouse of Sanomaru, which was called a stone.

高島城/亀石  高島城/多門跡
[Left] It is said that when water is applied, the Turtle is alive and wishes come true.Kameishi
RightMulti-biteIt seems that there was a multi-mon tower.

高島城/小天守趾  高島城/天守よりの眺望
[Left] in front of the castle tower which is the museumSmall towerIt is not understood what it was though a small tower stand is left.
[Right] It is a view from the reconstruction tower that has been liberated as a museum. Lake Suwa has become very far away by reclamation.

高島城/三の丸御殿裏門  高島城/土戸門跡
LeftMt. KawatadoBut nowSanunmaru Palace, the rear gateHas been relocated.
RightTsuchito KadatoIt is said that the person who does not qualify through the crossbar in the castle’s modus operandi came in and out of here.

高島城/南東石垣  高島城/志賀家
[Left] in Honmaru southeast corner, oldThe stone wall of the field piling.
[Right] on the south side of the Honmaru, the mansion of the senior samurai had spread.
The photo is the only samurai house left behind.Shiga family HouseIs.

高島城/二の丸石垣  高島城/三の丸
Left: Toward the north side of the Honmaru.
The photograph played the role of the flow moat between the two circles and the Sanomaru.Middle MoncheonIs.
Slightly beside the bridgeIshigaki of NimaruIs in existence.
RightMiddle MoncheonAndKinwatagawaAreas that are sandwiched betweenSannomaruIs.
There’s an old soy sauce shop.

高島城/縄手  高島城/温泉寺山門
[Left] This Keyaki roadside treeNawateWas the only access route from outside the castle.
[Right] I visited the ruins of Takashima Castle which is left in Suwa City.
The gate of the hot spring TempleOf Takashima Castle, which was relocatedGates.

It was also relocated.The main hall of the hot spring TempleOf Takashima CastleNoh stage.

Beautiful Lake Suwa, the town embraced by the gods, and Takashima Castle, which was a symbol of Suwa with such a special atmosphere. It is a castle that Lord from the local Suwa, and is still loved by the local. Something is good.
It was very difficult to imagine it being reclaimed, but the sight of it floating on Lake Suwa would have been so beautiful.

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