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The castle of the extant tower

The castle of the extant tower

There are only 12 tower that remain nationwide since the Edo period.
In that,Matsumoto Castle , Inuyama fortress , Hikone castle , Himeji Castle , Matsue CastleTower of the five castlesNational treasureIs specified. 7 Other Castles (Hirosaki Castle , Maruoka Castle, Bitin Matsuyama Castle , Marugame Castle , Matsuyama Castle, Uwajima Castle , Kochi CastleFor theImportant Cultural PropertiesHas been specified.
Here we visited12 Tower Castles in existenceTo pick up.

[Castle of the treasure extant tower]
現存天守の城/松本城  現存天守の城/犬山城
現存天守の城/彦根城  現存天守の城/姫路城

[Other castles of existing tower]
現存天守の城/弘前城  現存天守/丸岡城
現存天守の城/備中松山城  丸亀城
現存天守/松山城  現存天守の城/宇和島城

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