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Togaku-ji Temple (worship on September 22, 2015)

Togaku-ji Temple (worship on September 22, 2015)

Next to Megumi lamasery of satisfaction, go to Togaku-ji to visit the Buddhist temple.

As the name, in the large temple of the Rinzai sect
This is a temple for training, not a tourist temple.

So I also tighten my mind more than usual,
We will pray with a sense of tension.

Location: Yamanashi Prefecture, Koshu-shi, Shizan-so 2026
Sect: Rinzai Sect
Principal Image: Buddha
Founder: Zen Master getting wins
Kaiki: Takeda Osakabe, Daisuke Nobuari
Fusati: Kai 108 Sacred Sites

In the large temple of the Rinzai sect Kogaku-ji sect, founder wins Zen master (Keemitsu Ohyen Zen Master),
The Kaisei is the Guardian Takeda Osakabe Daisuke.

The Zen Master joined Kai in the 4th year of Nagawa (1378) and tied the grass-Ann to the ground of Takamori, the first city
Yasuyomi 2 years (1380) from Takeda Nobusei to the donated of Terland, he named and founded the Kogaku-an.
The name of the temple is “heading for Fugaku” comes from.

Under the Zen Master of the Toshihide, the Takeda family, especially the thick protection of Harunobu,
The temple territory was relieved, and prohibition and prohibition were put out.

During the Edo period, the fire was often encountered, and the following was burnt down in the conflagration of the 6th year.
In recent years, the large-length reconstructed after the Great Fire of Tenmei in Taisho 15 has been burnt down,
The recovery business is brought back.

Meiji 5 (1872) rotation The priest system was renewed in the German housing system,
It was the jurisdiction of Kyoto Nanzenji,
He was both reality in the 41st year and became a great temple of independent independence.


There was a free parking lot in front.

【 Akiba Shrine 】

Middle Gate

This is good.

It is a gate suitable for a noble person to pass.

The left and right Tsukiji fence is also known as “Salt Tsukiji”.
It is said that it was built as an emergency when salt was stopped by mixing rock salt in plaster.

Kai was a country without sea,
It’s just like a bitter measure.

[Entrance gate]

The General people will enter from here.


It is a large precinct.

The atmosphere that we ordinary person should not enter without silence or each other drifts.

It is an atmosphere peculiar to the place of training,
Never an exclusive atmosphere like a new religion.

Shingen Takeda is the armor of a national treasure that was chorus to the kick, “the banner of the flag No.
Tensho 10 years (1582), when the destruction of Mr. Takeda,
It is said that it buried under the Cedar of Togaku Temple by Saemon Tanabe Lieutenant of the retainer of Takeda Katsuyori.

【 Pond 】

The bridge was not able to be passed.


Burned in the Great Fire of the 6th year of Amaki
Something that was rebuilt about 200 years ago in a culture year.

It is the building of the Gomala favorite exactly.


In the inner team such as the Rinzai sect,
The statue was enshrined in the Buddha, and a dragon figure was drawn on the ceiling.

【 Buddha statue 】


Because I thought that the red seal was not from the beginning,
Even if I met the cloud water, I greeted her.

It seems to have been able to put it.

I only came to see the Buddhist temple through the light-pagoda near Megumi Lamasery,
Only the impression when I saw the Buddhist Buddha is enough.<!–


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