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Yongchang-ji Temple (worship on August 9, 2015)

Yongchang-ji Temple (worship on August 9, 2015)

Today’s visit has also approached the last,
I will go to the place where I can still go. Lol

Because I saw the guide board of Yongchang Temple, it is a detour.

Address: 643-1 Takano, Takegeigawa, Seki City, Gifu Prefecture
Sect: Rinzai sect Myoshin-ji Sect
Principal Image: The Bodhisattva of ten-sided Kansera
Founded: Motokazu (1615)
Founder: Osho Ishiuro
Temple: Mino-Saiun 33 Kannon Sacred Sites

High Nomura, a rural area along the Wuyi River, outside Gifu City
It is a time when it was crowded by the paper.

Dō (1652) by the villagers ‘ appeal

In principal image, he enshrined the ten-sided Kansatsu Bodhisattva, which was Prince Shotoku work, and was named Chibuchi Mountain Water Purification temple.
The predecessor of Yongchang Temple was an hermitage where the dō of the hall was dwelling.
It is a creation that the Zen master of the German Okina is made to stay here, and to have renovated to the temple.

Recently, the name of the temple as family temple to mourn the parents of the Immortals Cliff Osho.
Sen Cliff Osho was born as a child of the high Nomura farmer, Jinpachi,
He studied under the sky Mark Osho of Kiyotaiji Temple (Mino City) when he was ten years old.

In the long-time, the mystery of Zen was in the Temple (Hakata).
Making on October 7, 2007, 謚, “Bomun Yen-Zen master”.



Yes, it’s a very long place. (^ ^

Temple Gate

The guide board was written Taiwan 33rd Kannon Temple sacred Sites.

It seems that the priest of Yongchang Temple tries to spread it hard when examining it for a moment.

However, there is no red seal.

【 Help Jizo 】


【 Belfry 】

Main Hall

I put it in the main hall. (^ ^

[The insect-sealed temple]

It is said that it is enshrined the king of Gandharvas Doji
It was like a secret Buddha.



In addition to the Bodhisattva of Kansera, the Ming Dynasty, Bishamonten and Jizo Bodhisattva were enshrined.

[Red Seal]

It was self-styled.

If you press it yourself, you will find it difficult to push it well.
And get to press hard.

I think that everyone who complains about stamps will disappear if they do so.<!–


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