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Yoshimizu Shrine (April 15, 2017)

Yoshimizu Shrine (April 15, 2017)

If you visit the Cherry blossom season,
There is a place that can never be missed.

It is a famous Yoshimizu shrine at a glance.

Not to visit here is to drink a beer that is out of my mind.
It is a pity. Lol

On May 26, 2012, visit >

Address: Yoshinoyama Yoshino-cho, Yoshino-gun, Nara
Enshrined: After Emperor Daigo, Kusuki Masinari, Yoshimizu-in Mununobu
Founded: Meiji 8 (1875)
Company Case: Murusha
The Temple: Three sacred sites of the Kii Mountains

It is said that it was erected by the role of the actor in the Hakufeng year.

Nanbokucho times, when Emperor Daigo hid in Yoshino,
The shrine was established in Yoshimizu-in in response to the support of Muneshin Houko.

After Emperor Daigo’s death, Emperor Murakami later made an image of Emperor Daigo, and it was prepared to Yoshimizu-in.

When entering the Meiji era, it is a problem to gods the emperor in the Buddhist ceremony from the viewpoint of separation.
In May of 1871, Gojo Prefecture was renewed at Yoshimizu-in shrine.
The proposal to be a Yoshino shrine was submitted to the Government of Taimasan.

The government, which had planned to make the Emperor Daigo enshrined shrine separately, dismissed the idea of Gojo prefecture.
Nara Prefecture approached the reorganization to the shrine because it became a situation in which the abolition of Kinmine temple was imminent,
It was approved to be a shrine under the name of Emperor Daigo on December 17, Meiji 6 (1874).

Meiji 8 (1875) was renamed Yoshimizu Shrine on February 25, and it was in line with Murusha before long.


Because it is a super-popular shrine of Kinmine temple and which had in Yoshino here indeed,
This day is also very crowded. (^ ^;

There are too many people in the Shinto gate to shoot. Weep

【 Hiruko Shrine 】


The line of the red mark is a large procession in case of persist in the headquarters. Weep

Visit for the time being.


It takes more than 15 minutes for the Red seal to be available,
I decided to visit Shoin because it is shame to wait for the time.

There was a famous priest and a shrine maiden at the admission reception.

This Miko-san is super cute.

If there is a handshake meeting, I think that it participates. Lol

Let’s go to Yoshimizu shrine to see that girl again. (^ ^

[After Emperor Daigo throne]

After the Emperor Daigo throne and Hideyoshi’s favorite gold folding screen, the Shoin
A number of cultural assets and treasures were exhibited.

I did not photograph it thought that it was a photography prohibition.
Apparently it was OK to shoot.

So that no one else has taken a picture,
Everyone seems to have assumed that it was a photography prohibition. (^ ^;

The image is what I picked up on the net.


It is only a temple originally, and the nine-character cut is seen.

[Minamoto no Yoshitsune armor]

Important Cultural Property.

[Hand Water bowl]

Ancestral Hall

[Hideyoshi Sakura Honjin]

【 North Queli Road Gate 】

[In front of all members of the lineman]

I remember a cartoon called Peacock King. (Distant Eyes)


You can see the Zao-do temple of Kinmine temple from here. (^ ^

[Ichimoku Senbon]

Well, the crowd here is amazing.

It is a great thing. Wry smile

Waiting for the order taken.

Because there are people waiting behind, I shoot and go down.

I was not able to enjoy it slowly,
It was really good to watch a thousand units at a glance. (^ ^

[Red Seal]

It was written in the sacred sites of the Kii mountain range and the red Stamp Book of the Pilgrimage Road.

It is the red seal of the shrine selfish.

The basic can not be said the presence or absence of these two kinds of red seal,
It seems to be able to have the Redeemer of the role as Yoshimizu in, and the Red Seal of Kusunoki public.

You may not be able to request it. Wry smile<!–


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