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Zen Temple (Worship on August 10, 2015)

Zen Temple (Worship on August 10, 2015)

The temple of Henshoin, called the Hirohodou of Atago,
I can not find it at all even if I come near to search for Navi.

I gave up because there is no way to the next shrine to Ji Zen temple.

The henshoin was in the corner of Atago Park, which was apparently not able to go by car.

Address 399 Shimatani, Hachiman-cho, Gujo-shi, Gifu
Sect: Rinzai sect Myoshin-ji Sect
Principal Image: Buddha
Founded: Keicho (1607)
Kaiki: Yoshitaka Endo
The temple: Chubu-49th Yakushi Sacred Sites

Keicho 12 years, Yawata Lord Endo Tajima Morikei becomes a foundation,
The Imperial Shrine of Kyoto Daimotoyama Myoshin Temple is to be received, and the high brother Hanayama Zen master
The Buddha is principal image.

In the precincts, the Lord Endo Yoshitaka, Chikatsu-in Temple, Takamatsu-in-
Each mausoleum of Kanemori-Dai has been erected.

Three years, the title of the “Guardian” and the Prince of the Book of the Blue Lotus Temple
In addition, Zendo was held in Shuu Lin Osho.

The rear mountain collapses by a large flood
The gate is buried, leaving only the imperial gates.
At the time, Emperor Meiji Kataoka Chamberlain is exchanged, and the sympathy is given.

It is revived after three years and it reaches the present.

Temple Gate

A few minutes walk from the free parking lot and arrive at the temple gate.


It’s rough here.

Because the mountain gate is a face of the temple,
I want you to keep it clean tightly.

[Ming Dynasty]

Middle Gate


【 Belfry 】

Main Hall

This is a famous garden, you need 300 yen admission fee,
Kuri and the name Garden 荎 Grass Park was under acclaimed construction now.

The main hall was free.

I appreciate it, but
I think the main hall should be paid to visit originally.


I do not know the priest,
Thank you very much for explaining carefully.

[Old photo]

It is scenery of the temple before the back mountain collapses.

The gate and the main hall of the thatched roof and people of the time are reflected.

It is a very valuable photograph.

The state immediately after the collapse.

I know it was a terrible catastrophe.
When there was no heavy equipment, restoration would have been difficult.

There was the help of Mr. Supporters and the people in the neighborhood, too,
It was quite difficult.

I have struggled with such hardships and recovered with the years and effort of about three years.

It was really good to hear the story of this time.

The pictures of the Four seasons of the 荎 Grass garden were also decorated.
It was exceptional in autumn.
The winter was good, but it seems to accumulate one meter. (^ ^;

[Red Seal]

I received a note.


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