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1-night B-class trip to Kanagawa-(1) Hakone Footbath & warm ○ Water Sales and delicious cheap inn of bread and…

1-night B-class trip to Kanagawa-(1) Hakone Footbath & warm ○ Water Sales and delicious cheap inn of bread and…

This is Choi and old story…

H27 The December head of the year,
I will write about a year ago when I went to a class B trip to Hakone in Kanagawa for a change of mood…

However, it is a transplant article from the previous blog (^_^;)

On this day, we left Kamagaya at 9:00 a.m….
It was progressing smoothly through the capital high-Yokohama New Road,
There is a closed display on the way… (; ° Д °)

“Well… Again this time…

It seems that the marathon race was held along the sea in Shonan, and the start was delayed by some troubles,
From the middle to the unexpected traffic jam…

I managed to bypass it around Chigasaki,
In the case of traffic jams and detours, I lost my way.
About two hours of Ross…

Well, travel is a trouble,
It’s the usual thing.
You’ll be all right…
And still no learning ability… (̄ ̄;)

Finally, you can see Mt. Fuji…


Anyway, it is considerably late than the schedule and the Hakone Yumoto arrival…

The Buckwheat noodle shop that I was doing on TV
Had finished with the sellout,
It doesn’t matter. Eating buckwheat noodles at the place,
So PRA plastic…


It is 750 yen in the soba noodles…

Moreover, the usual soba…
I was so shocked that I forgot to take a picture, so I ended up trying (-_-;)
Well, it’s a tourist attraction, so no char…

Oh yes, if you are not suffering from walking on the slope,
The public parking lot of 400 yen is obtained in the street of the Yuya Yunaka.
Prices below 30% of other places!!


Rates in Hakone Yumoto are
This is happiness as (^^)

After eating buckwheat noodles,
I toasted to the store where I can taste the dried fish…


I went back to the car and stopped the car on the way
I took a picture of the mountain


Arrived at the “Footbath of the Forest” in the direction of the sculpture forest, which is the first destination.

The parking lot was hard to put in, but… (–;)


When I ring the doorbell ahead


Ma’am from inside?? Appeared
I was trying to pay for the footbath,

Do you have any unexplained headaches and a certain chicken hallucination?? Attacked by…

“Oi, I do not think that I do not want to come here to finish only with a footbath

The “guy” that is in my brain is out of the fuss, so I hate to be bothered by any more headaches, here in accordance with the “guy”, not only footbath, quiet this “thingy” to buy also… (T_T)

By the way, my wife.
“I didn’t stop buying hot springs anymore.”
It seems to be appalled…

I don’t know-(^^;
You’re controlling my head, listen to him.

I paid a 40L fee of 500 yen and a footbath footprints here 1000 yen, and was first fetched (^^)


Back to the subject, 200 yen footbath is a place like this…


There is also a mineral odor, quite (^^)

There is a sign of the entertainer

With the dog bath


30 minutes, view the mountains,
While drinking tea that my wife served me,
It was a while.

And finally, to this evening’s Inn…

The inn is like a stomach medicine name (^^)
It is very cheap for hakone, and there is a hot spring, so I was very concerned about it before… (^^;…


The bathing tax and the consumption tax are about 7,500 yen for two people in Hakone. (^^)/

Moreover, it is supposed to be a room-only plan,
The buffet of bread and drinks comes with it in the morning.

I’m not saying this is a room-only…
Do not thrust (^^; ↑

There is no toilet in the room.
I was lucky to have a room near the toilet (^^)

There is a hot water tea server, microwave in the boiling room…
Even if you bring food, you can eat something warm.

Wi-Fi connection is free!
By the way, I borrowed the image from HP


The breakfast is very good.
It is not a decent breakfast set, just because it was treated as a room-only, everyone can eat the guests.

It seems that bread is popular here.
I was really looking forward to the next breakfast… (^ Q ^)

I don’t think I made it from the dough wished
The bake is like Coco…
The system is definitely crispy.
Delicious it riots

There are many kinds of pictures. After you have conquered ten kinds of two,
I ate three more croissants (^ q ^)

Yes ~
Soak in the hot springs from the morning
Ate bread Shikotama
Pleasantly amusing (* ́ ∀ ‘)

After this hotel is like the Yunessun family,
Discounted tickets available.
It would be nice if you were to go to Yunessun.

There is also a contact bus,
If you wish to eat out, you can dine there.

By the way, the lodging site
There is also a plan with Italian dinner,
Not in this hotel.
I will go to the restaurant in Yunessun and eat it.

We are in front of the box root.
At a supermarket in Odawara City
Or the fish of the famous Odawara,
Horse mackerel sennennoutage and ground fish bento,
And Yokosuka Navy Curry croquette…
And bought.

In addition, when I get to go,
Neighborhood in bought the meat of Chinatown,
Dinner didn’t have a hard time.

20140808_215103-1 (1)

Personal review…

When you evaluate the bread, bath, night and price in total,

Two dogs Tri-points of two cats
In this Hakone high market,
I really appreciate the price.

Anyway, the bread is really delicious (^^)/
What to do with the dinner, it’s a capture point.
I think that it is safe to buy the snack and the nightcap of the supper even if the dinner is finished early because there is nowhere in Hakone at the end of the shop (–;)

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