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A day trip to Kanagawa-cheap lunch in Yokohama Chinatown

A day trip to Kanagawa-cheap lunch in Yokohama Chinatown

Blog Neta :
Participating in Chinese Food Part3 !

This is the first published story…
Chotch, I went to the front.
The story of a day trip to Kanagawa…

Chuorinkan Nearby,
Drop by the drinking mineral water sales office
With alkaline natural water,
Near Yokohama Machida Interchange
I went to a certain bathing facility…

Now that I came to Yokohama City,
Let’s take a Choi detour from here and eat a certain thing (^ Q ^)
It takes one hour from Yokohama Machida Interchange while in the same Yokohama city.

To steer Rick Diaz.
I couldn’t get used to it until the end.
Like Emma.

The way of Yokohama that can not become accustomed even if I run many times
Driving while jumpy…

In a sense, it is better in Tokyo-(T0T)

That’s what I finally arrived at.

If you say that you eat in Yokohama
Twice in three times.


Even if you park in a place close to Chinatown normally, it is 1,200 yen in two hours to estimate cheaply…

So I always stop at this place.


It’s a 10-minute walk from Chinatown.
This is 500 yen for 2 hours and cheap (^^)

It takes 30 minutes and 300 yen for two hours.
It still requires 800 yen.

In Chinatown,
Main Street and
Rather than a relatively large side street
There are some cheap shops in the narrow alley.

This time, I went out from the gate near Ishikawa town
It’s in the left place.
I found a cheap shop (^^)

The name of the store has been lost,
Googlemap you see,
It will be around 218 Yamashita town.


Chinatown is cheap if weekday daytime,
Saturday night
The price tends to bounce more than doubled, but
This shop was saved because there was no such thing ~ (^^;


Stir fried shrimp Chile with XO sauce

We asked each of them a different set
If you eat half
More varieties to enjoy

Even if you add a dish, two people are 2,000 yen + tax…
If you do not add, you will get your fishing at 1500 yen.

Moreover, Rice Daisheng free

Soup can be replaced

Instead of water, jasmine tea comes out with a bottle.

I’ll follow you to coffee after the meal. (^^)

Moreover, even on Saturday night, the same price (* ^!)/★ * ☆

Since we had planned to eat meat buns after this, two set meals, but had been suppressed in the rice normal prime,
Banff National Park next time you’re going to go (* ‘ Д ́) No!!!

Chinatown is
Some of the shops are difficult to understand.
I’m glad this store is easy to understand.

It’s really Chinese-ish
… Not so much
It was delicious.

The way back was bought in the stall, and came back the bottom road with Ykuri two hours while attaching the meat bun.

Gate Bridge.
It’s like irmine.


Even so
Even after I got home
The “seasoned pork foot” and “stir-fried chicken nuts” bought in Chinatown are relishes
We drink beer, our stomachs are…

I was very discerning
No doubt to become a pig bastard (^ 0_0 ^)

Personal assessment

Tri is a perfect score, two dogs
The COSPA is definitely noticeably higher. No doubt the taste!!

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