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Aji and cafe of the day

Aji and cafe of the day


I went to “Aji and Cafe days” to be able to have a healthy meal ◎

The weather is good and pleasant on this day!


When you enter the shop, wider than I thought!!

It is guided to the second floor, and to the table seat.

It is spacious and seems to be able to eat calmly.

The menu is steak with daily and there are several kinds of risotto.

I ordered the Vegenberg set.

And… During the order, it was guided….


There is a SALT BAR at the end of the floor.

You can try it with a variety of seasonings, mainly salt, with potatoes.



Wow I want to try it all!!


Then, I brought four slices of potatoes and tried salt and ume.


Delicious! It is suitable for ume and plum oil ◎

And the potatoes are soft and moist and sweet!

The seasoning in Coco seems to be able to purchase it, too.

When the tension went up, the one that I ordered came.

I was about to fill my stomach with potatoes… Abu Nai Abu Nai.

Vegenberg set (1,090 yen)

There is a volume unexpectedly in the café Rice ♪

So, I’ll be happy!!


This hamburger does not use meat, and it uses beans and vegetables.

But, it falls into the illusion that it eats the meat of the mess ◎

This is amazing! And it is delicious ♪

It seems to be sticking to rice, and rice of this place seems to be rice of DX Asunaro rice.

It is biting and delicious.

If there is hope, it seems to be possible to change rice.


I can buy it here in the shop, too.

Usually, the rice of the shop of such a direction is dissatisfaction, but Coco was very satisfied!

I really like it, so I would like to visit again.

Also with the line.


Aji and cafe of the day

● Address

Hokkaido 1-10 Minami 16-Jo Nishi 4-chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo 2f

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