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Annual!!! ~ Chinese style yaki “Shah pin” 2018 @ Tsurumi-Souchiji Temple

Annual!!! ~ Chinese style yaki “Shah pin” 2018 @ Tsurumi-Souchiji Temple

One pattern, but
I have no choice but to attack with this…

By the thing, the annual New Year
It’s a new Year’s limited food stall, shear pin of Tsurumi-Souchiji approach!


The shear pin is a Chinese-style pottery.
Please watch the article of last year for details.

Like a dozzle, the battle is all in number.
I didn’t seem to be able to catch up on my order before.
This day is not that far,
The procession was twenty meters.


A dumpling-shaped seed is pressed with a Petanko.


It’s like baking on a hot thick plate…
There are two pieces of steel plate, maybe the temperature is changing??

This year was good luck, thick thickness of the skin (^^)
1 sheet 300 Yen ya


In addition to the shear pin, there is also a meat.
It sells it for the souvenir.
It is not popular compared to the shear pin.
I thought it was delicious.


The approach of Soujiji Temple
There are a lot of other delicious shops.
I didn’t eat this year, but Osaka Ware was surprisingly delicious.


The old Main hall is a great line of worship…
There is a time when it is vacant by chance, but the procession always during New year
Because thirty minutes wait
The person who does not have time is to do in Taizu (new Main hall).

In recent years, the bill of good luck at the time of prayer abolition of the joint name
3000 Yen bill abolished (minimum 5000 yen ~)
During the new year, there are three prayer sites in the temple site, such as unifying the main hall…
The temple is also very good.

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