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April 12 (Fri) at the Maid Café “Cinderella legend” in Akihabara.

April 12 (Fri) at the Maid Café “Cinderella legend” in Akihabara.

Good evening, everyone! I went to Akihabara last night.
I went to the Cinderella legend of the Maid café, so I will write about it.
Cinderella Legends has been featured many times in past articles, but this time we also have the latest information.
Cinderella legend , the decoration of the shop in the Maid Café with the concept of the Cinderella of fairy tales, it is felt that the image of the Palace of Europe in the luxurious one that is not difficult even in Akihabara.
This is a part of the shop that I took at the moment without a customer.

The ceiling and the light fixture are also of high quality.

What is the address and system of the shop? 】


7th Floor, 4-4-2, outside Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

6 minutes walk from ★ JR Akihabara Station


It is a building of the Red Maru mark.

In the building, Surugaya-san, maid Café Maid-san is in.


[Twitter Account]

【 Business Hours 】

Weekdays (Mon-Thu): 17:00-23:00

Friday: 17:00 to 5:00 the next morning

Saturdays and holidays: from 12:00 to 5:00 next morning

Sunday and public holidays: 12:00 to 23:00

 * If the next day is a public holiday, the next morning


Charge fee

 Automatic extension System (elapsed time is self-managing)

1 hour: 600 yen

After one hour, the extension fee (300 yen) will be charged in 30-minute increments.


[Prohibited items in the shop]

It is also forbidden to rant, touch and act as a nuisance to other customers.

The photograph seems to be limited to the food of the table or the counter that the cast and other customers do not enter. If you don’t have cast or customers in the store, you can shoot.


[Introduction of the menu] ※ I introduce only some.

・Various Soft drinks: 650 yen

Grapefruit juice

Ginger Ale

Orange juice

Tomato juice

Peach Juice

Grape juice


Calpis Soda


Oolong Tea

Green Tea

Jasmine Tea

・Coffee (HOT/iced)

Iced Tea


Set Drink

The fate of an arranged photograph 1250 yen

       ※ The original cocktail and one bromide of maid’s

Eternal Flash 1900 yen

   ※ The maid’s original cocktail and the maid’s photo shoot (1 piece)

・Moon-night round dances 2300 yen

   * 1 Live music with maid’s original cocktail and maid


Food Menu

Snack > 400 yen

Mixed nuts

・Fried chicken, etc .   


Dish > 600 yen

French Fries


・Deep-fried Yam, etc .


Special food > 850 yen

Assorted Sausage

Fried Chicken

Fried Chicken skin Salt

Shrimp Chile

・Maimushroom tempura , etc .


Special hors d’oeuvres > 1000 yen

・Seared Chicken

Roast Beef

Assorted cheeses

Assorted prosciutto

Horse Stab Yukke , etc .


Assorted Pasta > 1250 yen

-Eggplant and minced meat bolognese

Shrimp Tomato Cream

Seafood Jenobese

・Carbonara Hot spring with egg

Chicken Peperoncino


Curry and Pilaf > 1050 yen ~ 1300 yen

・Minced Meat Curry

Butter chicken Curry

Seafood PILAF

・Crab Porridge

This cheese risotto with shrimp

Chicken Tomato Risotto


 Standard Menu > 1,300 yen ~ 1,500 yen

・Classic Omurice (with a drawing with ketchup by the maid)

Hamburger Plate

Daily Food


 Afternoon Tea Stand Menu >

  Classical afternoon 1250 yen

(1 piece of scones, dessert)

Royal afternoon 1850 Yen

(2 quiche, dessert)


Now, the explanation of the system and the menu is made to the point.

I went to the Cinderella legend A long time ago, and from last year it was a fraction of an open interval and once every few months.


The foot had become distant because it had squeezed the shop which went to the main in various circumstances and did not feel the charm that the shop and the maid had become hated.


Here, I will write in order from the last week (March 30)of the time to the back of the day (April 7) .


I came to Akihabara as usual on March 30th , but I was a little bit anxious to get into the Cinderella legend .

I was in the store for half a year Buri, but the shop was not changed anything and the maids of the acquaintance had welcomed warmly.

It was the maid’s Ribon who guided me at this time.

It was a maid to meet for the first time, but it was immediately understood that it was a full-fledged maid.

It seems that I had entered the shop and was promoted while I was not coming.

It was a coincidence that Mr . Ribon was a real birthday this day, and a visitor of the regular visit was a little lively in the celebration.

Mr. Ribon also served me with a smile, and because it came to talk, it was pleased when the word of congratulation was conveyed.

As the name suggests, the ribbon of hair ornaments is very nice and the maid told me to be friendly.

It was a very impressive maid, and I heard that there was a birthday event a week later, so I told her I would go there and leave the shop.


I went to a birthday event onSunday, April 7 .

It was the first time I had attended a maid’s personal event that I had never met in my six years at Koncafé.

※ It was an individual event of the maid who did not know when I went to the shop.


It was a maid who made me feel a deep impression and wanted to go to the event.

When I entered the store, the counter and the table seat were almost buried, and I sat at a vacant table Buri.


I ordered the original cocktail of the event limitation of Ribon, and also drew Cheki raffle.

Then, there was a lot of hits, and the good thing was received.

In the event, she wore a pink-patterned headband in a pink dress and had a big smile on her face. I was chatting with a customer who rushed to celebrate.
When I look around the store, I learned that it was the maid who was able to rush to the celebration of Mr . Who was a veteran of this only because there was a young lady who often sees the master in Akihabara.
Because I knew the situation of the busy Ribon, and had not ordered it so much, I was satisfied just to look at the appearance of Mr . Ribon in the shop.
In such a way, I was surprised to come to the talk and thank you for your coming to the event.
It was the second time I had met, but I was also happy to remember my face and to be happy with my smile.
It is the same when dealing with any customer, and it has been understood that the customer is serving with the feeling of gratitude.
I was convinced that I was not mistaken in my eyes to see my maid.
After that, the new maid of the rookie came to introduce himself and greet me, and I remember the name was a Sugogo impact.
The maid was the name of Mr. Quail (the surname was a quail).
The name of the maid, the name of the person who was longing, favorite idol, I have been attached to the reference and cited from various places such as anime, this name was the first time.
When I asked him why he had made a name like this, he answered that he had put his favorite things together with the ingredients in the ramen noodles.
The name has an impact, but the hair was blond and the style was a cute maid smiling well.
Because I had a schedule for the next day, I had to stay for only one hour, and I was put off by Mr . Ribon and left the shop.
Yesterday, Friday, April 12, at the dentist’s clinic in Akihabara, I was on the way back to see the Cinderella legend .
It was a weekend night, but I was relaxed and the customer was not able to be scooped.
I sat in the counter seat with the guidance of Mr . Ribon.
This time, I ordered the original cocktail with the bromide of Mr . Ribon, and ordered the drink of Ribon’s (which can be called a crystal and a toast with the maid) and talked.
I was talking mainly about the event last week.
Speaking of which, because I did not do anything at the event, I ordered a hood and ate it to Mr . Ribon.

This is a deep-fried yam .

This is the salt fried chicken skin .
And Roast Beef .

I spoke with Mr . Ribon on other topics, but I was happy to hear my story properly. At the time of the event, I couldn’t speak slowly, but when I was in business, I could talk a lot longer.


This day, Mr. Piled of the maid of the new comer, and Aki of the dressing also served and came to talk.

The maids were actively talking to other customers and were attentive so that they could enjoy themselves.


And this day was a surprise.


From the two customers who had come to our store (mother and daughter), I was asked to speak to you.

My daughter was reading my blog and I was surprised to learn that she came to the maid Café for the first time.

I was also happy to hear the impression that the blog article from the daughter has become very helpful and easy to read.

There was also Ribon-chan at this time, I had a surprised look at the influence of my blog.


The purpose of my writing blog was to convey the appeal to people who have never been to the Maid café and get to know their feet.


I was able to know that I was able to achieve that goal, and I was never so thrilled . I thought again that it was good to write a blog.


It is my pleasure to have a good time in the shop and to write a blog because I read my article and visited the shop.


We had a great time in this hotel.

Cinderella Legends is a shop where you can enjoy a lot of drinks and food, as well as the maid’s easy to talk.


Please come and visit us when you come to Akihabara.





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