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April 13 (Sat) long-established café “Maylish” first infiltration of Akihabara…

April 13 (Sat) long-established café “Maylish” first infiltration of Akihabara…

Good evening, everyone! This time, I went to the long-established maid Café “Malish” of Akihabara, so I wrote the impression of the shop.
On Friday, April 12, I came to Akihabara at the end of my work, and went to the dentist’s clinic, maid Cafe ” Cinderella Legend ” (written in the last article) → aqua PrincessRavi Ann Rose .
The time was already near two thirty at midnight.
At this time, I missed the last train and was wandering the Akihabara neighborhood.
I was looking for a quiet shop (I was looking for a quieter shop in the mood at the time), but I was walking with walks and occur to enter the family restaurant without difficulty.
At that time, I could see the light on the signboard.
When I approached the signboard that I had seen, it was a signboard of “Malish” of the long-established maid café in Akihabara.
I had never been there, but I’ve been looking at photos many times in magazines and on the net, and I’ve heard that people who commute to Koncafé for a long time and are popular in the local area.
At first, I thought that I was wearing only the lighting at night for publicity, but the guidance that is open until 5:00 in the morning is really open? It decided to try to enter by skepticism.
I went up the stairs immediately.
The door of the shop has a letter of “OPEN”, and it is understood that there are three customers in the shop and it is open.
The first shop is something that will be tense at any time, and try to open the door fearfully, waitress (it seems to name the maid Mr. Maids in the Malish) has come running up with a smile immediately noticed Mr. I’ve been waiting for you. ” (^ ^;)
I thought that the waitress was mistaken for a regular, “It is the first time,” and tell the waitress that he welcomed me because the store had been relaxed.
The smoking and non-smoking seats seemed to be parted, and I sat in the table seat of the non-smoking seat.
The waitress brought me some water and wipes to explain the system and the menu.
During the daytime, the charge charge is not charged, but midnight was a one- order system of the entrance fee (500 yen) and an hourly unit.
Please see the official WEBSITE below for details.
Well there is usually a menu, but the waitress brought me a menu table written on the whiteboard. There seemed to be a menu of midnight, and all were the one that seemed to be delicious.
Because I was a little hungry, I ordered pasta.
The inside of the shop is like a good old coffee shop with nostalgia and there are counter seats and table seats, so you can spend leisurely without worrying.
The guest was a quiet space that I had hoped for, and was able to spend it slowly although there were only 3 people and a few regulars.
And, pasta was carried, and it was with the taste that I loved it by the taste of nostalgic feeling this immediately.
In the store, because there is also WIFI charging facilities, it seems to be able to come with a PC nomad.
I also had to charge immediately because the battery of the smartphone was few.
The waitress said that she had two people , and one was a trainee, and the other was still missing her name.
She was a waitress who gave me a guide, but she was a nice smile and I was taught many things about malish .

The opening of the shop is the second oldest in Akihabara, the 17th anniversary of this year in 2002 .

It is amazing that it will last 17 years in Akihabara, and there are more than 100 restaurants in Akihabara, and there are a lot of new entrants (new openings) and exits (closed) every year.
It is understood that a lot of regulars who are repeaters continue to be loved for a long time.
I thought that it is an environment that the waitress has a long working age more easily.
I thought that it might be a popular reason to hold an event that the visitor can enjoy by looking at the store and seeing the menu.
Because there was a place where the atmosphere of the shop “Honeyhoney” and the restaurant which I often attend was similar, the sense of intimacy was boiled.
When I was drinking hot coffee after the meal, the waitress in the training came to greet and talk, and talked about the Con café in Akihabara, and it was easy to talk.
I spent a lot of time in the store and watched the animation and animations that were flowing on the big Monitor TV.
There were a lot of regulars who knew the late-night business and a few new customers.
And at the last order at 4 o’clock I ordered meat and tried to eat it, but this made me want to be a home-like taste.
There were some dishes with fish which were not easy at the Con café, and I wanted to come to eat again.

I stayed here for about two hours, and I had a great regret about why I didn’t come to Malish earlier.

In the future, I want to make it to the shop where I want to increase the number of times I commute in Akihabara.

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