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B-Class gourmet journey to the Central Road (8) ~ Shingen Mochi Soft & on the way to buy “dish” noodles for souvenirs

B-Class gourmet journey to the Central Road (8) ~ Shingen mochi soft & buy “dish” noodles for souvenirs in the middle

I went to the factory of Shingen Mochi
It is not only for the factory tour and unlimited packing.

It was because of the ice cream I was looking for.

Its name is Shingen Mochi soft ice cream!!

Last year, I saw it in the approach of Kai Zenkoji,
I did not eat full stomach, this time it is the withdrawal of the spill,

This Shingen cake software is
It is sold at the meeting place of the factory tour.


I see many of them are selling elsewhere,
I want to eat in the home.

For 400 yen in other places
This is an expensive article 500 yen.
There are three Shingen mochi and a sweet like Karin named Shingen Bar.


It takes the powder and the black honey which comes to an ice cream,
It’s just too sweet,
Because the Shingen rice cake and the Shingen stick are added to Kore,
You don’t unbearable a sweet tooth, do you?

The soft ice cream itself is sweet, but the milk feeling is strong.
This is an ant in Kore.

So, after dropping by the supermarket,
I bought Peach again at the road station Kai Yamato (^^)
Peach daughter can not go to the bride in the scratch mono here,
It sells for one 100 yen!

Lucky three get!!
However, this time, it was not a hard peach in the Gachi.

It is not easy to meet a love thing,
Choi and Toil (-_-;)

We had breakfast at the inn.
Not so hungry,
This time, we also check the “good” (T_T)

However, it is not able to pull back at all.
I got it with a souvenir neatly.
It’s super helpful for ice replenishment and souvenir purchases.


The dish is a cool thing.
It is a specialty of the summer of Koshu which can be tasted only in summer.
This time… Thought but
I’m not empty or yet.

After this, I was in the road station Kai Yamato
I also get peaches again.
It was a B-grade product that is scratched,
I met a hard peach for the third time honestly.

Let’s go back to the steady…

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