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B-Class gourmet journey towards the Central Road (7) Shingen mochi Factory, outlet corner shingen mochi & shingen mochi Pudding

B-Class gourmet journey towards the Central Road (7) Shingen mochi Factory, outlet corner shingen mochi & Shingen mochi Pudding

From Isawa Onsen,
While I was driving down the road, I decided to go back to the place I was worried about until now.

The first product of Yamanashi souvenir
Visit the factory of “Shingen Mochi”.


Let’s join the stuffed Shingen mochi of the aim…

It’s a weekday.



I’m not gonna make it in time.
I came up early. (_ _) Σ?
Well, no Char’s trap…

Take care of yourself, first visit the factory.
Reservations are not required, but the time is specified.
It’s like this on weekdays…


I’m not really going to take a picture of the Wasp (-_-;)
This is a text 、、、

Shingen rice flour will be made with sugar and starch syrup,
It’s like cutting it after a few days of sleep.

The work to wrap in a plastic bag seems to be a person not a machine.

Great hands, big La (Д °)

After the factory tour, you will be guided to the souvenir corner.


… But it’s not here that I’m in.
It is a sales building of the outlet article here!


In the hut across the street,
The people who can get the numbered ticket,
It was a challenge to the stuffed shingen of rice cake.
This Shingen rice cake seems to be the expiration date.

We were in the outlet building,
The day after tomorrow buys the Shingen rice cake which is due.


As for Shingen Mochi, there is a limit of one bag.
By the way, one bag had four.


Because I buy it at 60% of market value,
It’s got to eat by tomorrow.

Get other Shingen pudding!!


However, the cold storage agent is sold separately.

Because there is no meaning bought cheaply when the money is taken to the cold
I bought a souvenir of Yoshida’s udon noodles in a supermarket in the neighborhood, got ice, and put it in the Styrofoam which I brought.

Now, where do I stop next……

Kikyo Shop’s HP famous for Shingen mochi
↓ ↓

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Personal notes
Rank 35
3 wins in five victories. The success of bitten in addition.
The access was Mazmaz,
This is the first time.
The ranking is 35 in the position 1100 of two stars
It’s completely tantabota.
I still have enough power…

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