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B-Class gourmet journey towards the Central Road (9) Mt. Takao’s buckwheat noodles @ Takao Yamaguchi

B-Class gourmet journey towards the Central Road (9) Mt. Takao’s buckwheat noodles @ Takao Yamaguchi

From the roadside station Kai Yamato, we go home with R20.

It is a cold version of the
I wanted to eat that guy.
I ate too much breakfast.
Because the belly is painful eating the shingen mochi soft or peach
This time I decided to give up (; _;)/~ ~ ~

I stop by Otsuki station on the way.
It’s a homework for the next year or another, when I went to Yamanashi again (^^)


The morning of this day,
I learned that there is a shop in the station in front of Otsuki specialty “Oori Dango” on the net, but it is really in front of the station.
Target Rock!
I won’t miss the next (* ‘ Д ‘) No!!!

It’s good to find the next challenge and set it aside.
I’ll be looking forward to it again…

I don’t get tired of Gunma and Yamanashi,
I have a lot of goals to capture…

I remember
At Otsuki station, the train which was not able to be seen was stopped by Ma and the hippo.


On the way, at the supermarket in the upper field, which was filled with ice
I get the udon of Yoshida!
Eat this tonight (^ q ^)

Well, two hours from Isawa, 40 minutes from Uenohara,
I go blah blah a break in the middle.
At the foot of Mount Takao

Takao Yamaguchi Station had become modern.


It seems to have dug up to the hot spring and made the bathing facilities.
Management seems to be a Paradise Hot spring series.
Well, this time pass (^^;…

It’s been a while.
There was a little space in my stomach (^ q ^)

Parked in the parking lot of 150 yen at 30 minutes in front of the station,
I look for a shop of Takao specialty “Yam Soba”,
Where is high (̄ ̄;)


I looked around at some stores,
This shop called Iijima-ya seems to be the cheapest…


Yam soba, 800 yen ya!!
Decided here
Now, let’s order the cold buckwheat noodles.


It’s a simple soba with a blue glue and a pulp.
The soba and the yam are thick, too.

The color of buckwheat is a little black type.

After the meal, we stroll around the foot of Takao.
There is a watering place to use for training.
Hyper’s only air here.


I really wanted to take a lift and a cable car and go to the top of the mountain, but I stopped because I didn’t do anything.
I walk the trail a little, and feel the feeling.
I felt like I had the energy of the mountains.

Well, the central road seems to be considerably congested from Chofu to the ahead of Eifuku.
I’m not char, so far I’m going back down the road.

On the way, I stop by Takahata Fudo.


This is the land of Hijikata Toshizo.


I took a little stroll.
The approach is not found to be interesting for the evening.
, But I caught a glimpse of some dining room.

Next time you have a chance to go to Tama Animal Park
I wonder if I will extend my legs so far…

We left Takahata Fudo at 5pm and
How did you get to your home before 20:00 (T_T)
It was in the eye.
I boil it in the udon of Yoshida from now on, and have it with local sake.

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Personal notes
Rank 39
4-1, 3-0

The article of buckwheat noodles even if I see it today (^^;
Tilted batting.
There are things like this…

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