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B-Class travel series to Gunma-(2) Tobu Treasure Garden A little stylish steak with daily lunch, flowers and chapel…

B-Class travel series to Gunma-(2) Tobu Treasure Garden A little stylish steak with daily lunch, flowers and chapel…

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I had to suspend the Gunma series.
I completely forgot (-_-;)

Let’s resume here.
While the different series sometimes sandwiched,
I will continue until the middle of next month (‘ Д ́) No!

The other day, my wife’s birthday.
I have to take him somewhere.

As for me,
A place in the large area of Kiryu city
There seems to be a place where a rare spa drinking water can be
I’d love to go there on this occasion…

Do you have any other places to look at? … And
If you’re wandering on the net

Because there were some places that seemed to be interesting exactly,
Fit them
I managed to get a course. (^^)

After finishing the night job,
I joined my wife in the morning.

Go straight on Route 354
I also aim at Gunma again!!

Saitama, Tochigi, and Gunma are entering the complex
Through the rumor area

As usual, “Gunmagumma” is activated (^^)

First place of destination
Cramped in Tochigi and Saitama
Of Tatebayashi, which is a sandwich-like
Arrived at Tobu Treasure Garden…


This is the place where you can see the flowers of each season.
There is also a wedding hall and restaurant.

This is difficult to capture…

Parking fees and admission
Depending on the type of flower, flowering situation and day of the week
The variation is intense in pieces…

I do not know the price until the day (^^;…

Admission fee is from 600 yen to 1800 yen…
The difference between the highest and the lowest amount is three times the
I think there’s a problem with Choi, but how about it??

In the price, it is not a B-class spot!

When we went,
The Shiba Sakura is almost over.

Almost, “Monk” state… (-_-;)


There is only a little Nemofira,
Moreover, it is a weekday,
It was 600 yen for the lowest rate.

The hydrangea and the rose are main until the end of June.
The admission fee is from 1000 yen to 1800 yen, so…

I’m too expensive to go!! … But
For those who like roses and hydrangea,
I think it’s good.

If you’re going to expect these,
It may be a good place to head in June…

It’s good to be inside the church.
I think it’s worth seeing once.


The pipe organ is bitter.

Memorial service Funerals are Buddhist
The wedding ceremony was raised in the Christian

I bowed to the altar and
“Thanks to you, I’m building a home safely”
It might be good to report a word…


And, when it goes out to the table, the smell which looks delicious (^ q ^)
In a terrace-like place, there is a food sale.
Because it is made neatly by Mr. Cook,
The quality seems to be high.

You eat here or not?
Let’s think about it.

There is a decent restaurant,
I’m going to have a pasta system in Takasaki at night.
Path path ┐ (‘ ~ ‘; ┌

… I mean, Choi and the price hey…

It looks delicious, but for this kind of food,
There’s no wine.

I’m still driving, so I can’t drink (T_T)


For now, what to do with the meal,
I decided to walk in the park.

Wished the Shiba Cherry was a pity,
There is a place to see in its own way.


I’m hungry.

Actually, I stopped by OTA.
I was going to eat mein.
Hungry and
I lost my scent.

After all, to eat here

Chicken curry and
The steak with daily menu is an upper state beef croquette Burger lunch.


Delicious (^^)
Curry is a taste not to eat at home.
Croquettes are also tasteful (^^)
Potage of pumpkin, creamy and delicious
Pickles of cauliflower.

Local train, Treasure garden,
Discovery of medium Hanging Ads (lo _ lo) plains?
(Recently, an exaggerated name, such as Urban Park line, but it’s Tobu Noda line after all…)

As for this month, there is a rose.
For those who can afford
I think it’s good!


Unfortunately, the fried noodles of Ota are through…
I missed to eat four more times.
I give up unfortunately this time (T_T)

I’ll eat it someday! … And
I put my determination in my heart
I rushed to the second spot in another place.

Personal assessment

The entrance fee is high, COSPA is remarkably bad, but the rice itself is delicious, so conscientious, a tri One
Because the atmosphere is good, the dog is three of the perfect score

Treasure Garden HP ↓ ↓

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