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B-Class trip to Kanagawa, Shizuoka, Yamanashi-(1) also cheap fish! Aiko Ishida’s Super horse revolving sushi

B-Class trip to Kanagawa, Shizuoka, Yamanashi-(1) also cheap fish! Aiko Ishida’s Super horse revolving sushi

Now, this time,
I came around from Kanagawa to Shizuoka and Yamanashi for two nights.

A small local chain, the story of a sushi shop in Kanagawa that makes me eat pretty great sushi

On the way to Tsurumaki hot spring, I got off Tomei in Atsugi.
Your guys go to the Odawara Port direct Sushi (b _ B) plains?


I was curious, and when you turn to the shop,


The character of Odawara Port direct!
It seems to be doing from 100 yen even one dish…

This is not to be left alone!!

Well, eggs and the like is 100 yen,
The rest will be high anyway…
This is Kanagawa…

And, although I was prepared,
It was betrayed in a good way!!


This too


This too

100 yen, 200 yen level…
(The four pieces of the photograph are summarized in one of two dishes)

Hairtail and Camas were sold out, but
Horse mackerel, Shiira, raw tuna, snapper, raw fish, yellowtail, squid
Ate etc.

In particular, the horse mackerel and the raw is excellent.
It is the freshness which is seldom tasted in other places.

On top of that
To my surprise, what a craftsman is holding… Д °

The large rice melts in the mouth…
A slight sweetness of vinegar rice (° Д °)

This shop is only to sell the direct delivery from Odawara port, on top of the freshness of the story is excellent,

If it’s too peak,
Like a sushi restaurant where you don’t turn around
The craftsmen cut and hold the fish once once…

However, because lunch time has passed,
Some of the stories were out of stock (T-T)

The knob system is abundant and I want to drink sake, but
Patience (̄ ̄;)


The last pun,
I asked for a fried bun with a hot silently抹泪 wound that tears out


Accounting, this amount of the two of us


Ate this much stuff
Just this…

I felt sorry for the revolving sushi.
Maybe this will be the only one in the future. Д.

Our feast. Thank you M (__) m

If you went to the Nishi-Shonan district in Kanagawa,
Even if the breakfast of the inn is pulled
Even if the detour is extended and the foot is postponed
I’m going to cut the other.
The store to go by any means.


I also have a cheap flyer sushi lunch until two o’clock on weekdays.
However, even for those who ate the seafood rice bowl system, this shop
“A handful of sushi levels to avoid”
, I want you to taste the two dishes by all means.

If you are interested, please refer to the store’s HP
↓ ↓

In addition, in order to erase the re-posted series immediately,
Comments are no longer writable.
Please understand…
(The original article was published in December, 2016)

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