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Bird politics

Bird politics


I heard that there is a famous Kushiro named “Mr.”, and went to “bird politics” ◎

This is exciting!!



The restaurant is like a tavern with red lanterns.

It’s a weekend, so it’s full of energy!

The menu is centered on the skewer thing, and the staple is aligned.

First, I ordered a beer ◎

Draft beer (450 yen)

It is cold and delicious in Kinkin!

It’s getting a little cold, but beer is delicious in every season lol

Appetizer (sashimi)

Wow! Appetizer is this volume?!

Salmon, shrimp, scallops.

This is one of the servings!!

Kushiro is truly amazing!

Of course, fresh and delicious!

Chicken Skewer (150 yen per bottle), pork skewer (250 yen per bottle)

It is hard to transmit in the photograph, but it is big!

The salt is also just good, juicy and delicious ◎

Boiled (390 yen)

Oh, it’s delicious!

It is boiled firmly, and the taste is soaked!

Letasmayocaricalichi (800 yen)

Under this large amount of lettuce…?


The chicken which was flavored with teriyaki style ♪

As the name suggests, the skin is crisp.

(500 yen)

The purpose of today is this! That’s all!!!

Is it a rice bar? There is a pike on the top of the fat ride ♪

This is insanely delicious!!!

In the image, is it a feeling that the grilled rice ball is on top of the baked Onigiri?

You might be offended by the person in the shop because the analogy is bad.

I think it is natural to become a famous Kushiro specialty ◎

It’s so delicious!

After eating here, I recommend it to various people lol.

It seems to be dealing with a souvenir shop, but I want you to eat at the shop by all means!

Also with the line.


Bird politics

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