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Day Trip to Sano (2) ~ Popular B-Class gourmet-real potato fly + fried noodles = grilled noodles with potatoes

Day Trip to Sano (2) ~ Popular B-Class gourmet-real potato fly + fried noodles = grilled noodles with potatoes

Blog Neta :
■ Delicious stuff while joining ■!

Speaking of convenient B-class gourmet of Sano,
It would be fried potatoes.

I can buy it at the roadside station.
It’s still fried,
I want to eat at a reputable store in my hometown. F (^_^)

This kind of thing is
Not for tourists
Is it meaningful to eat real for Zimoti?

If you look at the net,
Come out come out well
It has become useful in the world.

From among them,
Looking for the most popular store
GPS on

Three hours across the break from home
Finally arrived.

There’s no sign of people in the shop…


Due to circumstances, there is a poster to rest for a while

。。 (_ _) Σ?

It’s a bad feeling, hitting (̄ □ | | |!!)
I feel like the most popular one, four times blew up. ι (‘ Lo ́) No

… Well, I’m not.
The source of information on the Internet is such a thing
This is a time of everyday tea.

Let’s pray for the resumption of that!

For now, reset the chagrin feeling
Sano pilgrimage to the good Luck Daishi,
I was looking for another potato fry shop from there.

Turn right at the end of the amulet, and turn right.
Where you crossed the railroad crossing,

The second most popular shop
Discover “a fried buckwheat noodle shop” (b) plains?


(* ̄ ∇ ̄) No.
There was!!


I really feel for Jimoti (^^)

Mountain of Potato Fry (^^)
It looks yummy (^ q ^)

There are a lot of people who buy together in ten units here
The grilled soba is also delicious.
(Because the name of the shop seems to be a fried buckwheat noodle shop, is it originally a grilling soba??)
I ordered 5 pieces of the IMO fry 450 yen and the grilled Soba 350 yen.


The… (; ° Д °)

It’s nearly double the road station plains?

Do you assume that it is cold to eat?
The clothing is quite thick and has a sit-down feeling,
It fits well with the plenty sauce.

And when we eat together with the grilled soba
In addition, it is delicious by a synergistic effect (^ q ^)

… Or rather,
Tochigi Specialties “grilled noodles with potatoes”
It is transformed into!!

Pretty Bolium
If I eat this much
Sano ramen I don’t eat… (-_-;)

Personal assessment
Two dogs Tri, four points total

Eat that fat a real potato fly and satisfied (^^)/
High score involuntarily!!

Next time, Sano-related articles are closed once…
I sandwich the local Funabashi Neta once.

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