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Day trip to Sano-(4) Michi no eki “who suffers” is interesting in the “hospitality” Itpai

Day trip to Sano-(4) Michi no eki “who suffers” is interesting in the “hospitality” Itpai

Blog Neta :
Let’s go on a trip! Participating in!

It is about 10 minutes by car from Sano Amulet Daishi
There are some of the most popular road stations in Tochigi.

The name is who suffers.


In addition to the sale of agricultural products,
Other places to sell souvenirs,
Bakeries and ice-shops,
And there are two restaurants
No time to go.

Sano Ramen
Fried potatoes Also
I have it in my place.
It might be good to eat here when eating missed.

Well, it’s not a specialty store taste,
Only the point of the taste is pressed.
The price is reasonable, too…

However, we have to arrive here at the latest at five thirty in the evening.
I can’t enjoy everything.

Once, I put the pamphlet.



By the way, the counter
There are a lot of Sano ramen.
The refrigerated case
Other specialties of Sano
The ear udon noodles and the agar sweets called Kanro were sold.


Well, here are two nice hospitality.

One is a footbath.
The appearance is splendid to the place which does not think with the Footbath (^^)


There is a foot washing place here,
The facilities are excellent.

On top of that
Free (^O^)

Mixed blessing or mixed blessing or…
And the pants rolled up the foot and the last

Get caught in the basema that is in the Footbath first…

To receive a lecture about the Footbath (̄ ̄;)

Basama (hereinafter, BA)
Where do you come from?
Leiden (hereafter, Bird)
I’m from a distance, so I’m going to soak up the sikari.
The bird is… Hey…
I don’t mean to put in a minimum of 20 minutes.
Bird “ah… Hot… I can’t…
BA [Patience Patience!! Because the rest is easy.

The other

“This footbath gave the city a grant. 」

“There are people who come to soak this footbath from far away. 」

“My back pain was healed when I had a footbath here every so often. 」

“It’s better to put your feet on the full of semen without moving your feet.”

The baseball player has come in incognito.

… He told me a lot of things.

I’m a narrow-minded…

“Well, this is not only the power of the hot springs, but the effect of bathing…”

Because chlorine is strong,
I have to wash the end well…

“If you come every so often, and get hot water from this neighborhood (the following place), it is much more effective to have a footbath at home, so…”

…… And so I got a rebuttal in my mind… (~_~;)

Such an attitude does not put out in the table and hid…
Dutifully to be told, 20 minutes patience!!

Duct quite sweaty…
Well, certainly a warm bath effect of lower back pain became easier…
Basama, thank you for letting me soak for 20 minutes.
I’m done without boredom (̄ ̄;)

Well, after entering the footbath,
To the place where you get the same hot water as the footbath.

In the field behind the parking lot of the road station,
These things are under the tank (b) plains?


This is something that I dare not write here (^^;

It is Leiden to hear something that is lost from the ̄.

You can GET the same thing as a foot bath.
You can take a foot bath at home or use it in the flow.

The old couple just came in.
I like it, loading a lot of tanks and plastic bottles
I got this…

I often come to this place to draw

“Hat + gray hair + hand wipe + green or tea work trousers + boots + light Tiger + 200L tank”

Such as, Full Armor Gundam Par

Standard Weapon Set
Although it is the Samama of Jimoti equipped with,
I have never seen it here (̄ ̄;)

Is there a lot of light users here?
It’s for beginners (^^)

The price that bothers me,
From 10 yen in the 20L of kerosene tank full of normal, there is also a place to 200 yen if you take a bad,

What about this guy in Sano?

Free of charge (Д °)

Then at once
Do appreciate your second hospitality,
I’ll get it. (^^)/


Two tanks. Not enough.
In addition, it was “Kumiko-san”…


Is it too greedy? f (^^;

By the way, somewhere in Tsuchiura city,
Two footbaths are 200 yen,
600 yen for a takeaway of 120L
It costs 800 yen…
Seems insistent,


Sano City!
With my stomach.
What a generous!! (* ̄ ∇ ̄) No.

Well, because it is a thin component, but I can not compare a simple…
If you have more meta-acid, you can take a bath and use it for the facility.


I remember
Who suffers
There is also a playground equipment for infants,
Sweet things are also substantial,
There are a lot of specialties, too.
We are a strong ally to our B-class travel mania.

I’m here to eat a meal
If I go in a foot bath or shopping
You can spend two hours.

However, this is a closed early
It’s closed on Wednesdays, so be careful.


The last time I went,
I tried to devoured ice to the circle of the IS,
Perspective failed (-_-;)

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