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Day trip to Sano B-Class travel (3) ~ Sano Good luck Daishi Shrine

Day trip to Sano B-Class travel (3) ~ Sano Good luck Daishi Shrine

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Blog Neta features,
The bottom blogger with less access like me
It’s just like an oasis…

Everyone, FYI.

Alright, the real issue.

Now, I will return to Sano series again from this time.
Before going to the shop of the potato fry which I wrote in the previous

I wanted to see what kind of place Sano is.
We’ve been pilgrimage.
It is famous for TV.

Here is the official name,
So it is called Soshu-ji Temple.

There is also a character in the “side dish” so
A long-bar figure,
The name is similar to the dish of Germany…

I thought it was the name of a temple suitable for a B-class gourmet Town Sano
Just me? (~;)
What a bee… (-_-;)

Mr. Soshu-ji,
Of the other place’s Daishi.
Like TV and CM,

“Three Daishi in Kanto!” Sano Misfortune to Dedaishi (* ‘ Д ́) No!! “

… Because it is screaming while burning,
I was assuming that it was a temple of “Shingon sect” in the image,

What a “Tendai sect” or…

If you think now, because there was a crest of Aoi,
It was a strange feeling, but…
(Tokugawa family temple is the Jodo sect and Tendai sect…)

By the way, the “Daishi” of the three Daishi in Kanto
Not Kukai-San with the alias of Kobo Daishi,

“Mr. Good source” which has an alias of former three (Cikei) Daishi
It seems to say the temple which dedicated the priest of the great sect of Tendai.

The following two “three Daishi of Kanto”
With the Aoyagi Daishi of Maebashi
It refers to the thing of Kawagoe Daishi in Saitama…

On the other hand, the Shingon sect

“Kanto Kankaku Sandaishi”

And good,

Kawasaki Daishi and Nishiarai Daishi,
Dō in the city of Katori, Chiba Prefecture.

This is the Daishi
Of course, the famous in general, Kukai San of that Hirohodaishi.

Until now this difference, I did not know… (* No)
Ashamed to be ignorant (> _

Both are esoteric Buddhism, so
Together, they were fired.
Because a priest Shingon a spell.
The difference is not understood to the person who does not have the knowledge like me.

In addition, monks and open each sect,
A priest of a high rank
Mr. Michimoto’s “Joyodai” Nichiren’s “Rissho Daishi”
Like to have an alias,
Everyone has an alias of “○ ○ Daishi”,
Choi and just confusing (-_-;)

So much for the story of Mr. Daishi,
Soshu-ji Temple was a place like this.


The site of the temple is not as wide as I thought,
It will be on tour soon.

When I go to a temple of Esoteric Buddhism, sometimes my head hurts.
This time it was fine…
I didn’t take any pictures.

A lot of mortuary was lined up.
Excuse me… And


In front of the temple
Sano Ramen and there was a cafeteria that let you eat potato fry,
Cancel anyway (-_-;)
The left side of the photo is the entrance of the temple and the yellow place on the left.

For the time being, can eat place was found in the Harvest (^^)

Even so,
The shrines of the shrine is healed (^^)

How to Survive

Sitting on the bench, looking at the temple
It might be something glitter…

Shrines the shrine,
It is built in a place with some power.
It can be a positive power.
May be negative.
Because there is compatibility with the person, I cannot say unconditionally.

So was I.

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