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Dennis Bar Sapporo Store

Dennis Bar Sapporo Store


I will introduce this time to the Danish specialty store “Dennis Bar Sapporo Store”.

It is in the place of the ticket gate of Sapporo station ◎


A lot of Danish is lined up in the showcase!

They are all delicious!

Flavors seem to change on a regular basis.


There is also a ball-shaped Danish.


I bought two Danish bars this time.

I’ll have you back home.

Crunchy sugar (120 yen), Apple (140 yen)

First of all, it is from the most popular crunchy sugar.

The surface is crispy and the inside is moist ♪

I was able to taste it without clogging it.


Apple has an appropriate amount in it.

It is delicious with gentle sweetness.

It might be good instead snack when a little peckish is vacant ◎

It might be good for souvenir!

Also with the line.


Dennis Bar Sapporo Store

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