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For a change in Nikko and Kinugawa (2) upscale soba and other inexpensive spots

For a change in Nikko and Kinugawa (2) upscale soba and other inexpensive spots

Well, I don’t want to spend too much money in toshogu (or rather, not use…) We were wandering around looking for somewhere else…

Discover the new Road station in Old Imaichi city (ro _ lo) plains?


However, when we went, the corner with the exhibits is closing time, I can not enter… (> _
But there seem to be a lot of souvenirs, and if a beginner goes here, it is sure.

Well, if you do not spend money in the direction of Kinugawa, Ryuwang Gorge is good?

The parking lot in front of the station is free and you have to go down stairs.
, Spring is fresh green and autumn leaves can be enjoyed.
This is a hiking trail (^^)
If you walk for 30 minutes, you will be herohero and you will feel delicious lunch.

Also Kinugawa, Oniu Tataiwa large suspension bridge
Enjoy a lot of thrills while gazing at the Kinugawa below (Д °)
Just say it.
Scary (̄ □ | | | |!!)
After crossing the bridge, the bell is attached when rising up the hill.
↑ ↑
Also sniffing (̄ ̄;)


In the sunshine, Kegon Falls are too major and it costs money, so the choice to see the waterfall of Kirifuri is also Ali…

However, this is also a little walk, distance the waterfall from the view overlooking the… (̄ ̄;)
The view is not bad.


The season of fresh green and autumnal leaves is especially recommended…

Since the slope is free, it is easier to go to Oku-Nikko direction.
There are some free parking lots around the lake Chuzenji, including the front of the Chuzenji, so it’s a good idea to aim there.
Well, I will walk again, but it is effective for a walk around the lake.

If you want to use your time effectively, it’s better to park in a convenient location, paying a parking fee instead of stingy.
They are 500 yen class, so they may be kind to their wallets.

Even if you do not enter a temple or a shrine, you can be healed just by looking at the majestic Mountains (^^)

In Oku-Nikko, there is a bathing place in the temple.
You know, if you go…


Well, or rather the essential B-class gourmet, speaking of food, the impression is quite high (̄ ̄;)

If you have to find a high quality thing (^^;

This time I did not stop eating the Yuba set meal wished, along the road beside the Otani River, Miyama Chaya is recommended.


It is 10% soba, and the taste is with origami though the colander soba is more than 1000 yen.
If you’re lucky, you can also eat deer sashimi. It is a strong taste of iron without smell.
I wonder if it is good to cut the budget of the tourist spot and turn it into something like this.

Just… Here are two drawbacks (̄ ̄;)…

This is the business of only four hours in daytime, so if you want to eat here, you have to put the time schedule here in the center…
Another thing is, “I want to have sake” (^^;
You’re going to have a drink. This (̄ ̄;)…

‘Ll, I do not know why buckwheat noodles from the beginning of the blog ~

Among them, I will introduce various things, bee m (__) m

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