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For a change to Nikko and Kinugawa (3) play the guitar in a cheap inn

For a change to Nikko and Kinugawa (3) play the guitar in a cheap inn

We stroll around Toshogu shrine, eat Yuba set meal, see Kirifuri waterfall… I was looking for a place where I could make a reservation on the day after enjoying it as such…

The former cheap Inn of Kinugawa, which was used well once, I do not have been reduced again…

I made a reservation on the day, and decided to stay at this inn in a long time. (^O^)

I have written several times, but I do not want to budget
The amount of money you can use for a one-time stay drive is limited to 20,000 yen (^^;

Naturally, the amount that can be used for the lodging which occupies a large weight on the budget will be limited…

It is a couple of yen.
Even if you treat yourself to 15,000 yen with half board…

Well, it would be quite unreasonable (~ _ ~;)??

And back to the price of the inn…
After the consumption tax hike and back and forth, I have to raise nearly 1000 yen per person.
Two thousand yen difference in total…
This difference is big when I think about the cost of gasoline for this 2,000 yen…

This is a 30% increase in the number of hotels in Kinugawa, and a 75% increase from the cheapest time, but this is because the change in the policy of the Inn is large…

I have stayed at this inn 10 times in the past, and this time it Buri one and a half years.
For a change of pace, there is no uneasiness and the place where I am accustomed is the most comfortable.

Anyway, it was cheap and it was saved.

I do not care about the circulation and disinfection of the bath in this case…
A change of pace is the first…

So, I did not expect anything in particular…

What a terrible incident this inn, I like, was happening (Д °)


What a musical instrument it was like to play… (; ° Д °)

It is not quite… This place (^^)

Because of the trouble, my wife and I entered my world.

It would be impossible to play the guitar in a hot spring Inn while looking at the superb Kinugawa.

While my wife was soaking in the bath for an hour, I rounded up the bathing in about 15 minutes… Immersed in the instrument (^^;

I usually inhabit a bolo apartment, I want to clear the usaku that can not play the instrument…!!

I’m playing!


I’m going to play!


Phew ~ (‘ o ‘) = 3

Ah ~ Happy Happy (● ^o^ ●)

I was just playing with my stomach (^^)

The instrument itself was a company that loves to make a hard sound with a brand-like thing, but the other is not much…

This is satisfactory because it was not the terrible thing of the guitar as for the beginner set.

It is a experience that I can not be too many to play spree in the Inn…

Maybe some of the other customers claim to be removed… And you will be worried (̄ □ | | | |!!)

The husband of the Inn, please do cominginhand over fist… It said, and it was a settlement to which it began to sing, too (̄ ̄;)

I don’t use a guitar or a broken instrument in my home.

It is the one that the maintenance is still usable neatly, and it is likely to be gotten at this inn because it is just a brand thing and a maker product even if it is said Boro. (^^;

Let’s hear it next time (^^)
I’ll be asleep, and someone will take back my breath as an instrument…

Musical instruments are creatures (^^)

Now, when I enjoy the hot springs and musical instruments, I am less hungry (^ q ^)

The rice is bought in the supermarket of the Zimo
Small Banquet (^^)
You’re free to bring it. (^^)
A budget of roughly 3,000 yen.


Chinami we stay at the Inn with rice “Hot spring trip” about twice a year. It’s my wife’s birthday and the wedding anniversary.

When it is “the stay drive”, I usually buy it like this, and taste the food of the land as much as possible.
Naturally, the local superchain will be more detailed… (̄ ̄;)
Let’s aim at the chain of the company which is operating at a few stores not the major.

This time, I GET the tofu and the horse Thorn with the sunshine.
Of course, we enjoyed the local sake as usual.

If there is a place in the city where the Inn and the hotel, go to the tavern that seems to let me eat the specialties, except that the shop itself at 6 o’clock or 7 o’clock, it will close at 4 o’clock in the evening if it is an early place, it would be virtually impossible (^^)
Kusatsu is open until late for tourists, but this is an exception…
There is a place that is open until late at night in Kinugawa, but I walk considerably.

Let’s talk about the bath of the Inn…

This inn is the reverse full course of the heated heating and water circulation disinfection, but if you are lucky, it overlaps with the source input. The source may have a slight sulfur odor.
I was surprised at this.

There is a bathtub in the room and one open-air, and the disinfectant odor is small.

The building is quite old, but I wonder how individual individuals feel…
The name of the inn dares to lie down, but if you are interested, please try to find it in ○ and comfortably ○ Travel.

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