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Grilled Chicken Garage

Grilled Chicken Garage


I went to yakitori shop “Yakitori Garage” located in the alley in the M’s2 article.

There are many shops in this building.


When you enter the shop, there is a rock music.

It seems to be a shop owner who had been originally a lock bar ♪

It was guided to the second floor and ordered immediately.

Sapporo Classic Student (480 yen)

I asked everyone to help me with a toast photo shoot.

After all, beer is a classic.

The menu also has a skewer as well as a dish.

There seems to be a lot of feelings of the skewer very much ◎

Skin (180 yen) Shiretoko chicken scissors baked (220 yen)


It is the best seasoning and salt.

By the way, the white lever was a recommended thing, but it is not eaten and passes.

Three people other than myself had rave reviews ◎

I wish I could ask myself… Lol.

Claims about fries (580 yen)

Hokuhoku type of fries.


Heineken (650 yen)

When I was listening to the rock, I wanted to drink it with a jar.

The mood is Chibayuuske lol ◎

This shop is a shop that is unbearable for rock lovers!

Next, I’ll ask for a white lever lol!!

Also with the line.


Grilled Chicken Garage

● Address

Hokkaido 1-1-6 Minami-Nijo-Higashi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo M’s2 Jo Yokocho 2f
Business Hours

17:00 ~ 1:30 Next Day
● Telephone


● Regular holiday

Monday (open for public holidays)


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