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-Grilled ginger at the edge?? … Tuna with ginger and a rare train in Enoshima and a hidden precious railway in Enoshima now @ Kanagawa B-Class Binbow Journey (2)

-Grilled ginger at the edge?? … Tuna Ginger-yaki + a rare train in Enoshima & Enoden’s hidden precious trains now @ Kanagawa B-Class Binbow Journey (2)

If you pay a high parking fee on Enoshima,
Too good just the croquettes.

I really wanted to eat Enoshima burger.
It seems that the taste of Shirasu in Shonan is not forgotten.
I can’t cut my hopes out (T_T)

Well, I don’t…
In this year or next year, I will go to Enoshima again in the winter of Irmine, and I’ll take pleasure until that time…

This time, I tried to find a store that will feed the Shirasu rice bowl the cheapest,
On the day, the raw Silas is sold out everywhere.
… Or rather, it seems that there was no landing.

I decided to enter this shop which is the cheapest.
↓ ↓


There is only Shonan, and it is fashionable in the shop.


Yacht Harbor from the window?? Can see


Chicken wings, red rice bowl,
I ordered the tuna ginger grilled set for weekdays only.


It’s frustrating, but the Shonan Shirasu is delicious.
Why is it different from Chibaraki?

There is no smell,
I don’t know why the uneven…

Grilled tuna with ginger
This is a clear saying.
The taste is almost meat. (Д °)
However, there is no smell peculiar to meat and fish peculiar.

The sauce based on Mayo is also very suitable.

There was a blog specializing in ginger grilling somewhere,
How to one of the collection?? (^^)


This receipt (^^)
Well, because it’s Kanagawa,
The cost of this much is not char (T_T)
But well, it is conscientious for Enoshima.

In addition, the restaurant of Enoshima,
Weekdays, weekends and holidays, holidays, etc.
It is necessary to be careful because the menu and the price fluctuate greatly.

The idea is different, the blog and “Married Couple (??) When you see the article of Moyashi’s blog that has a common point that “eating out of the outing in, it is surprised at the price difference between weekdays daytime and weekends!!
↓ ↓
(I want to write a blog about this much content, but I’m Good (T_T)…)

Because it is only doing the same thing as the shop which changes the price in the weekday lunch and other, it is possible to consent,
Just because it’s a tourist attraction in Kanagawa and Chiba, is it just me that has the vigilance that you don’t need? (^^;

And for a redneck like me,
I want some more rice…

Alright after this,
I was pleased with “cute” The Red Wings
I’m going to take Enoden again.

I’m my, I’m interested in Enoden,

Power system more than 100 years ago from now,
The reason is that the train which is adopted still exists.

The route which runs regularly in the Kanto has become only here at last.

Thirty years have already passed since the production…
The Enoden will naturally be scrapped by the end of the decade.

If you are running like a natural,
I have to ride it now!!

I mean,
In order to fulfill the desire of the summer wings
The parking lot and the cost of the train,
I decided to take a ride.

15 minutes to wait at the station…

Train of four-car train arrives.
I thought it was a normal train,


Luckily after two cars, this type of round light train…
In the style of mania
It was a train of “hanging Hung drive System”


This guy is lucky!

Moving out,

“Gaaga Gaga… “
And, the sound and the quake that nostalgic old growl…

On the railroad of recent overdone profit-supremacy
I feel no appeal…
Or rather, even disgust
In addition, I lost even the means of traveling on the railroad
There is no chance to get on the train except commuting.

Maybe, to take the train of hanging drive type,
This may be the last time in my life…

Only this time, I enjoyed the railway.

Running in the road,
A number of sharp bends
The eaves of the house
To a Chitko train to show the majestic Sea
A smile and a red wing.

I also hanging type peculiar,
I enjoyed the shaking and the sound which sounded like the Earth.


Even so, what is the power to care what enoden…

From Enoshima, take to Inamura-Gasaki,
Then I went down to the seaside of Shonan.


The the-tsu rough wave!

The sandy beach under the cliff!!

Slightly ROCKY!!!

If you have this much, there is one thing to do!


If you think about the angle a little more…
If this is done on the beach in Naoetsu in Niigata,
I’m going to be more… (-_-;)

That’s all I’m gonna do.

From Inamura to Kamakura High School station.
The Shonan coast at dusk
Walking back about nikg.



I wanted to ride this stylish train too (-_-;)

Now, do you hurry ahead?

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